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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
B Bankruptcy 1908 E1875 Carter, Joses [I0569]
B Baptism 1894-05-15 E7686 Stephenson, Tom [I3576]
B Birth E0989 Millar, Richard [I0539]
    E2354 Miller, Joseph [I0540]
    E2371 Bottomley, Dennis [I0213]
    E2372 Bottomley, [Unknown] [I0229]
    E2442 Lightfoot, Sam [I0434]
    E2443 Lightfoot, Mary [I0424]
    E2444 Lightfoot, Elizabeth [I0409]
    E2500 Wilson, Joseph [I0693]
    E2502 Lightfoot, Robert [I0430]
    E2503 Lightfoot, Sarah [I0438]
    E0000 Southward, Peter [I1673]
    E7613 Mayhew, Ketura [I3542]
    about 1590 E0190 Asbrigg, William [I0907]
    estimated about 1591 E8819 Lightfoot, Robert [I1008]
    estimated about 1594 E8817 [Lightfoot], Elizabeth [I0719]
    estimated about 1608 E8177 [Carter], Sarah [I2602]
    estimated about 1615 E7924 [Ashbridge], Ann [I0902]
    estimated about 1616 E8526 [Glaister], Janet [I0720]
    1617 E0186 Asbridge, John [I0905]
    about 1620 E0188 Railton, Elizabeth [I0906]
    estimated about 1623 E8011 Benson, Sarah [I0202]
    estimated about 1626 (Julian) E8157 Carter, Mark [I2601]
    estimated about 1635 E9046 Peat, Jane [I0559]
    estimated about 1638 E9022 Pape, Jonathan [I0554]
    1643 E0182 Asbridge, John [I0903]
    about 1643 E0184 [Asbridge], Anne [I0904]
    estimated about 1643 E9555 Wise, George [I0698]
    estimated about 1648 E9559 Wise, Thomas [I0703]
    estimated about 1652 E7945 Banning, William [I3604]
    1652-06-01 E0373 Barnes, William [I4007]
    estimated about 1660 E8530 [Glaister], [Unknown] [I0000]
    before 1663 E1088 Saull, Rowland [I0632]
    about 1666 E0762 Lightfoot, Mary [I0423]
    estimated about 1666 E9556 Wise, John [I0699]
    estimated about 1666 E9560 [Wise], [Unknown] [I0033]
    estimated about 1668 E8528 Glaister, Joseph [I0024]
    before 1669 E2437 Steel, Mabel [I0654]
    1669-11-13 E0750 Lightfoot, Joseph [I0419]
    about 1670 E1417 Tremol, Jane [I0673]
    1670-05-10 E0179 Ashbridge, John [I0901]
    estimated about 1672 E7976 [Barne], [Unknown] [I0062]
    about 1673 E0746 Lightfoot, John [I0417]
    about 1673 E1085 Saull, Mary [I0631]
    before 1678 E0608 Glaister, Robert [I0336]
    estimated about 1681 E9546 Wilson, Mabel [I0898]
    about 1683 E0710 Lightfoot, [Unknown] [I0405]
    about 1688 E0625 Glaister, William [I0345]
    before 1690 E0953 Barne, John [I0051]
    about 1690 E0779 Lightfoot, Robert [I0432]
    1692 E0756 Lightfoot, Joseph [I0421]
    1692 E9644 Orcher, John [I3751]
    about 1695 E0791 Lightfoot, Sarah [I0436]
    1695-02-08 E10085 Barnes, Joseph [I4000]
    1698 E0763 Lightfoot, Mary [I0425]
    before 1698 E2438 Knubley, Elizabeth [I0403]
    1699 E0175 Ashbridge, Adam [I0899]
    1699 E10080 Barnes, Joseph [I4000]
    1700 E0879 Barne, George [I0047]
    about 1700 E0527 Down, Mary [I0294]
    1700 E1106 Skelton, Jane [I0641]
    1701 E0592 Glaister, Mary [I0329]
    1701 E7824 Orcher, Elinor [I1941]
    1702 E0735 Lightfoot, Jane [I0413]
    about 1702 E1171 Wise, Anne [I0696]
    about 1702 E1176 Wise, Joseph [I0700]
    1702-09-06 E10088 Barnes, William [I4009]
    1704 E0716 Lightfoot, Daniel [I0407]
    1704 E0740 Lightfoot, John [I0415]
    before 1704-08-20 E8179 Carter, Sarah [I2608]
    about 1705 E0177 Pierson, Sarah [I0900]
    1706 E0435 Biglands, Mary [I0205]
    about 1706 E0752 Lightfoot, Joseph [I1006]
    1706 E0529 Down, Thomas [I0295]
    before 1705/6-01-20 (Julian) E8138 Carter, Anne [I2607]
    before 1706-07-00 E8161 Carter, Mark [I2606]
    about 1707 E0561 Glaister, Esther [I0314]
    estimated about 1707 E8641 Harrison, Martha [I0380]
    estimated about 1707 E9252 Spark, Henry [I0649]
    about 1708 E0600 Glaister, Mary [I0332]
    about 1708 E0777 Lightfoot, Robert [I0431]
    before 1708-01-00 E8165 Carter, Mary [I2609]
    estimated about 1708 E9422 Turner, Joseph [I0741]
    estimated about 1708 E9424 [Turner], Sarah [I0742]
    1710 E0571 Glaister, John [I0319]
    about 1711 E0799 Lightfoot, Sarah [I0836]
    about 1711 E1178 Wise, Mary [I0702]
    1711 E0734 Lightfoot, Isabel [I0412]
    estimated about 1711 E8384 , Elizabeth [I3609]
    estimated about 1711 E8863 Marshment, Tho [I3608]
    about 1712 E0583 Glaister, Joseph [I0324]
    about 1712 E1177 Wise, Martha [I0701]
    about 1713 E0732 Lightfoot, Isaac [I0411]
    about 1714 E0629 Glaister, William [I0347]
    about 1714 E1729 Cogton, William [I0266]
    about 1715 E1727 Wilson, Margaret [I0694]
    about 1716 E1174 Wise, Elizabeth [I0697]
    about 1717 E0620 Glaister, [Unknown] [I0342]
    estimated about 1717 E8382 , Elizabeth [I3572]
    estimated about 1717 E8417 Eyles, Thomas [I3573]
    before 1717-04-00 E7823 Carter, Thomas [I1940]
    about 1718 E4700 Gainsborough, Sarah [I1921]
    before 1718-10-22 (Julian) E8169 Carter, Richard [I2604]
    before 1720-06-10 (Julian) E8154 Carter, Lucy [I2605]
    about 1721 E0609 Glaister, Robert [I0400]
    1721 E0972 Barne, John [I0053]
    about 1721 E4698 Dupont, Philip [I1920]
    about 1722 E0748 Lightfoot, Joseph [I0576]
    about 1723 E0717 Lightfoot, Elizabeth [I0408]
    1723 E0597 Glaister, Mary [I0754]
    1724 E0996 Barne, Mary [I0715]
    1724-01-25 E10084 Barnes, William [I4006]
    about 1725 E0712 Lightfoot, Daniel [I0406]
    1725 E2378 Grindel, Sarah [I0080]
    1725-02-05 E10082 Barnes, Hannah [I4002]
    about 1727 E0773 Lightfoot, Robert [I0429]
    before 1727 E2440 Benson, Anthony [I0201]
    about 1729 E0764 Lightfoot, Mary [I0426]
    about 1729 E0758 Lightfoot, Mary [I0422]
    1729-11-14 E10083 Barnes, Joseph [I4003]
    1730-08-11 E0172 Ashbridge, John [I0897]
    about 1731 E0787 Lightfoot, Sarah [I0435]
    estimated about 1731 E8040 Bottomley, Samuel [I0222]
    about 1732 E0792 Lightfoot, Sarah [I0437]
    1733 E0679 Hayton, Ruth [I0383]
    1733 E1192 [Messenger], Ruth [I0721]
    1733 E0987 Messenger, Thomas [I0538]
    before 1733-10-00 E8159 Carter, Mark [I2603]
    about 1734 E0736 Lightfoot, John [I0414]
    estimated about 1734 E9182 Scott, Lettice [I0738]
    1735 E0297 Barnes, Joseph [I0272]
    estimated about 1735 E8866 , Martha [I3570]
    about 1736 E0769 Lightfoot, Robert [I0428]
    estimated about 1736 E8962 [Neate], Elizabeth [I2673]
    estimated about 1736 E8984 Neate, Thomas [I2672]
    about 1737 E0783 Lightfoot, Robert [I0433]
    1738 E0162 Porteous, Thomas [I0889]
    1738-07-08 E1045 Barne, William [I0224]
    about 1739 E1006 Pattinson, Mary [I0557]
    about 1739 E0742 Lightfoot, John [I0416]
    1740 E1004 Pattinson, John [I0556]
    estimated about 1741 E8089 Brown, Ann [I0890]
    estimated about 1741 E8451 [Fishwick] [I3596]
    estimated about 1741 E8714 Hope [I3275]
    estimated about 1741 E8745 [I3040]
    estimated about 1741 E8746 [I3062]
    1741-04-03 E0933 Barne, Isaac [I0049]
    1742 E1208 Mattinson, Francis [I0739]
    1742 E0872 Little, Richard [I1000]
    1743-11-23 E0657 Barne, Jane [I0241]
    1744 E1210 Turner, Sarah [I0740]
    estimated about 1746 E8813 Lee, Arabella [I2666]
    before 1746-10-16 E6107 Carter, Robert [I1934]
    about 1747 E0078 Jackson, Daniel [I0816]
    1747 E7715 Marshment, Christian [I3603]
    before 1748 E7825 Carter, John [I2600]
    1748-06-15 E0672 Barne, Jane [I0085]
    1749 E0531 Dowthwaite, Ann [I0296]
    1750 E1110 Spark, Henry [I0648]
    about 1751 E0574 Glaister, John [I0363]
    estimated about 1751 E7934 Bailey, Emma [I2619]
    1752 E1527 Peel, William [I0737]
    about 1753 E0631 Glaister, William [I0348]
    about 1753 E7670 Eyles, Charles [I3569]
    estimated about 1753 E8344 Derham, John [I3665]
    estimated about 1753 E9476 Wall, Mary [I3666]
    about 1754 E0604 Glaister, Mary [I0333]
    about 1755 E0489 Cogton, Mary [I0264]
    1756 E0170 Milburn, Sarah [I0896]
    about 1757 E0585 Glaister, Joseph [I0325]
    1757-01-05 E0168 Ashbridge, John [I0895]
    1757-12-17 E10089 Barnes, Robert [I4010]
    about 1758 E0551 Glaister, Ann [I0310]
    about 1759 E4681 Dupont, Richard [I1912]
    about 1759 E4684 Clarke, Jane [I1913]
    after 1759 E7957 Barnes, Jane [I0138]
    estimated about 1759 E8903 Maxwell., Sarah [I1630]
    1759-11-08 E0317 Barnes, Joseph [I0970]
    before 1760 E0428 [Barne], Mary [I0002]
    about 1761 E0618 Glaister, Sarah [I0341]
    estimated about 1761 E8754 Illingworth, [Unknown] [I0999]
    estimated about 1761 E8914 Millam, William [I1622]
    about 1763 E0543 Glaister, Agnes [I0307]
    1764-02-19 E0309 Barnes, Joseph [I0125]
    1765 E0985 Messenger, Elizabeth [I0537]
    1765 E7720 Banning, James Mitchell [I3605]
    about 1766 E0568 Glaister, Jane [I0317]
    1766 E0911 Barne, George [I0057]
    1766 E0349 Barnes, Nancy [I0509]
    estimated about 1766 E8852 MacKinnel, James [I0891]
    estimated about 1766 E9147 Richardson, Grace [I0892]
    about 1767 E1119 Stubbs, Robert [I0657]
    estimated about 1767 E9439 [Unknown], [Unknown] [I0784]
    1768 E0897 Little, Robert [I0475]
    1768 E1013 Barne, Nancy [I0056]
    1769 E0730 Lightfoot, Glaister [I0410]
    1769 E0265 Barnes, Jane [I0107]
    about 1769 E0649 Grainger, Francis [I0361]
    1770 E1008 Pattinson, Rachel [I0558]
    1770 E0828 Barne, Agnes [I0278]
    about 1770 E0866 Little, Nicholas [I0465]
    about 1770 E9723 Pierce, Robert [I3798]
    1771 E0319 Barnes, Joseph [I0131]
    1771 E5177 Weston, Mary [I2189]
    about 1771 E7839 Daw, Jane [I3673]
    estimated about 1771 E8427 Feltham, Alfred Henry [I3331]
    estimated about 1771 E9159 Robinson [I3671]
    about 1772 E0591 Glaister, Martha [I0328]
    1772 E0416 Barnes, William [I0191]
    1772 E0990 Barne, Mary [I0054]
    estimated about 1772 E8968 Neate, John [I2675]
    1773 E0839 Little, John [I0456]
    about 1774 E0668 Harrison, John [I0377]
    about 1774 E0558 Glaister, Betty [I0313]
    about 1774 E4169 [Daniel], Hannah [I1386]
    about 1774 E4170 Jackson, John [I1669]
    estimated about 1774 E8986 Neate, Thomas [I2674]
    1775 E0946 Barne, Jane [I0050]
    1775 E1259 Barnes, Grace [I0094]
    about 1776 E6728 Sagost, John [I2807]
    about 1776 E7368 Tunstall, Elizabeth [I3387]
    1776-07-13 E0553 Glaister, Anne [I0311]
    1777 E1503 Peel, John [I0058]
    1777 E1039 Barne, William [I0129]
    about 1777 E2611 [Tarrant], Flora [I1232]
    1777 E5175 Neate, Solomon [I2188]
    about 1777 E6977 Highett, John [I3060]
    estimated about 1777 E8752 [I3688]
    estimated about 1777 E9376 Stubberfield [I3687]
    about 1778 E0540 Garner, Joseph [I0305]
    about 1778 E7873 [Hook], Elizabeth [I3695]
    estimated about 1778 E9040 Pearce, [Unknown] [I2636]
    estimated about 1778 E9483 Waring, Richard [I1907]
    estimated about 1778 E9486 Warner, Anna [I1908]
    1778-04-19 E0404 Barnes, Thomas [I0182]
    1779 E0599 Glaister, Mary [I0331]
    estimated about 1779 E8979 Neate, Ruth [I2678]
    1780 E0589 Glaister, Margaret [I0326]
    about 1780 E1003 Pape, Robert [I0555]
    1780 E0854 Barne, Frances [I0046]
    about 1780 E4174 Jackson, William [I1671]
    about 1780 E4797 Wedge, George [I1963]
    about 1780 E7573 Clarke, Ann [I3513]
    before 1780 E9510 Wedge, Sarah [I1935]
    about 1781 E2548 [Bottomley], Sarah [I0544]
    about 1781 E2805 [Unknown], Isabella [I1319]
    about 1781 E6642 Stephenson, Joseph [I2743]
    estimated about 1781 E8974 Neate, Martha [I2677]
    1782 E0964 Barne, John [I0118]
    about 1782 E3305 Tarrant, William [I1552]
    between 1782 and 1786 E6585 [Denwood], Eleanor [I2707]
    about 1782 E6719 Hellom, Isaac [I2798]
    about 1782 E7205 Hope, Jane [I3273]
    1782-12-00 E0569 Glaister, John [I0318]
    estimated about 1783 E8982 Neate, Sarah [I2676]
    estimated about 1783 E9198 Simmons, [Unknown] [I1528]
    1784-01-11 E0074 Jackson, Isaac [I0813]
    1785 E0294 [Unknown], Isabella [I0012]
    1785 E0613 Glaister, Robert [I0338]
    about 1786 E0615 Glaister, Robert [I0418]
    calculated about 1786 E3246 Carter, John [I1507]
    about 1786 E6643 Gunson, Jane [I2744]
    calculated about 1787 E4160 Bartholomew, William [I1661]
    about 1787 E5551 [Hedley], Elizabeth [I2377]
    about 1787 E7559 Filsell, James [I3504]
    about 1787 E7571 Filsell, James [I3511]
    about 1787 E7572 Filsell, James [I3512]
    estimated about 1787 E8211 Church, John [I1541]
    estimated about 1787 E9549 Windsor, William [I2319]
    about 1787 E9597 Jarman, James [I3718]
    1787 E9687 Maslen, Susannah [I3773]
    about 1788 E0617 Glaister, Sarah [I0340]
    1788 E0150 Johnstone, Jean [I0882]
    about 1788 E1125 Studholme, Nanny [I0660]
    about 1788 E6953 Dunn, Hester [I3035]
    estimated about 1788 E8297 Crowter, William [I3541]
    1788 E9675 Maslen, Jane [I3767]
    1788-05-11 E0136 Porteous, Thomas [I0872]
    before 1788-11-22 E6111 Carter, Thomas [I1939]
    about 1789 E0415 Barnes, William [I0190]
    about 1789 E4676 Dupont, Richard Gainsborough [I1910]
    calculated about 1789 E4945 Bottomley, Samuel [I2053]
    1789-09-17 E0224 Derham, Martha [I0937]
    about 1790 E0590 Glaister, Martha [I0327]
    about 1790 E1492 Carter, John [I0071]
    about 1790 E0076 Walker, Isabella [I0814]
    about 1790 E4686 Dupont, Jane [I1914]
    about 1790 E4798 Sarten, Jemima [I1964]
    about 1790 E5207 Strong, John [I2201]
    calculated about 1790 E5493 Hedley, John [I2339]
    about 1790 E7560 Clarke, Ann [I3505]
    estimated about 1790 E9538 Williams, Hannah [I1437]
    1790 E9674 Maslen, Benjamin [I3766]
    1790-08-12 E1205 Mattinson, William [I0735]
    about 1791 E0389 Barnes, Sarah [I0174]
    about 1791 E4181 [Jackson], Isabella [I1674]
    calculated about 1791 E4533 Lynds, George [I1809]
    about 1791 E4688 Dupont, Sophia [I1915]
    about 1791 E7706 Fishwick, James [I3595]
    estimated about 1791 E8055 Bownes, [Unknown] [I2512]
    estimated about 1791 E8744 [I2979]
    estimated about 1791 E8747 [I3235]
    estimated about 1791 E8959 Neary, [Unknown] [I2518]
    about 1791 E9860 [Normanton], Susan [I3888]
    about 1791 E9883 Aspden, Thomas [I3899]
    about 1791 E10361 Grant, Elizabeth [I4186]
    about 1791 E10465 Oliver, Thomas [I4237]
    about 1792 E0557 Glaister, Betty [I0312]
    about 1792 E3066 [Bartholomew], Elizabeth [I1395]
    1792 E3238 Mead, Ann Down [I1502]
    1792 E3239 Maslen, William [I0944]
    about 1792 E4690 Dupont, Thomas [I1916]
    about 1792 E6699 Torr, Ann [I2778]
    about 1792 E10177 Burden, Elizabeth [I4048]
    before 1792-01-03 E6098 Carter, Eleanor [I1938]
    about 1793 E0547 Glaister, Agnes [I0308]
    about 1793 E4313 [Simmons], Elizabeth [I1722]
    about 1793 E4692 Dupont, Henry [I1917]
    about 1793 E7274 Gray, Jeremiah [I3326]
    about 1793 E9598 [Jarman], Frances [I3719]
    about 1793 E9648 Gregory, Thomas [I3753]
    1793 E9681 Maslen, Rebecca [I3770]
    about 1793 E9859 Normanton, William [I3884]
    about 1793 E10392 Grant, William [I4188]
    before 1793-08-28 E8172 Carter, Robert [I1513]
    1794 E0498 Calvert, Thomas [I0273]
    about 1794 E4694 Dupont, William [I1918]
    1794 E5209 Green, Sarah [I2202]
    about 1794 E6897 Hodgson, Mary [I2980]
    about 1794 E7071 Clark, William [I3178]
    about 1794 E7280 [Gray], Jean [I3327]
    estimated about 1794 E8639 Harrison, Julia [I1867]
    estimated about 1794 E9590 Young, Catherine [I0865]
    about 1794 E9756 Yates, William [I3820]
    about 1794 E9876 [Aspden], Hannah [I3900]
    before 1794-12-19 E6096 Carter, Christiana [I1936]
    about 1795 E1116 Stubbs, Glaister [I0655]
    about 1795 E7083 Jackson, John [I3189]
    estimated about 1795 E8872 Martinez, Joaquina [I2592]
    estimated about 1795 E8874 Martinez, Juan [I0591]
    estimated about 1795 E8877 Martinez, Maria [I2590]
    estimated about 1795 E8879 Martinez, Matilde [I2591]
    estimated about 1795 E8901 Maxwell., Joseph [I1632]
    1795 E9677 Maslen, Joseph [I3768]
    1795-04-04 E0367 Barnes, Robert [I0162]
    1796 E0940 Littleton, John [I0492]
    about 1796 E3247 [Carter], Ann [I1508]
    about 1796 E4535 [Lynds], Mary [I1810]
    about 1796 E4696 Dupont, Richard [I1919]
    about 1796 E4936 Sedgwick, William [I2047]
    estimated about 1796 E9098 [Placeholder] [I3106]
    estimated about 1796 E9100 [Placeholder] [I3107]
    about 1796 E10402 Grant, Sarah [I4189]
    1797 E1206 Peel, Hannah [I0736]
    about 1797 E7665 Eyles, Henry [I3567]
    1797 E9683 Maslen, Rebecca [I3771]
    1797-04-00 E0627 Glaister, William [I0346]
    about 1798 E1121 Stubbs, Sarah [I0658]
    calculated about 1798 E4097 Burt, Mary [I1633]
    about 1798 E7008 [Bridgeman], Elizabeth [I3091]
    estimated about 1798 E8312 [Daniels], Mary [I2662]
    estimated about 1798 E8314 Daniels, William [I2633]
    estimated about 1798 E9446 Waight, David [I2610]
    about 1798 E10403 Grant, Charlotte [I4190]
    1798-11-00 E0634 Glaister, Wilson [I0349]
    about 1799 E4291 Pickett, Stephen [I1714]
    about 1799 E7075 [Wallace], Eleanor [I3181]
    about 1799 E7857 Carpenter, Thomas [I3684]
    1799 E9679 Maslen, Joseph [I3769]
    1799-01-13 E1115 Spark, Sarah [I0651]
    1799-02-03 E0903 Little, Sarah [I0477]
    about 1800 E4172 [Jackson], Mary [I1670]
    about 1800 E4934 [Sedgwick], Lucy E [I2046]
    about 1800 E4946 [Bottomley], Betty [I2054]
    about 1800 E6743 [Matthews], Honor [I2822]
    about 1800 E6789 Pearson, Thomas [I2867]
    estimated about 1800 E9108 [Placeholder] [I3308]
    1800 E9672 Maslen, Ann [I3764]
    1800-08-04 E0893 Little, Robert [I0474]
    before 1800-10-12 E9734 Pierce, Robert [I3803]
    1801 E0636 Atkinson, Frances [I0097]
    about 1801 E0548 Glaister, Agnes [I0309]
    about 1801 E2028 Simmons, Thomas [I1172]
    calculated about 1801 E2798 Douglas, John [I1313]
    about 1801 E3011 [Hodgson], Mary [I1380]
    about 1801 E3012 Hodgson, Twentyman [I0389]
    1801 E4991 Strong, Thomas S [I2087]
    calculated about 1801 E5432 Lewington, William [I2300]
    about 1801 E7009 Bridgeman, Thomas [I3092]
    estimated about 1801 E8525 Glaister, Jane [I0316]
    estimated about 1801 E9082 [Placeholder] [I3096]
    estimated about 1801 E9090 [Placeholder] [I3101]
    about 1801 E10155 Huddart, Robert [I3998]
    1801-02-19 E0276 Barnes, John [I0112]
    1802 E0138 MacKinnel, Jemima Paterson [I0873]
    about 1802 E0333 Barnes, Mary [I0142]
    about 1802 E2824 [Unknown], Sarah [I1320]
    about 1802 E4756 Newman, Martha [I1944]
    estimated about 1802 E9076 [Placeholder] [I2812]
    before 1802-01-12 E9646 Pierce, Ann [I3752]
    1802-02-07 E1113 Spark, Mary [I0650]
    1802-09-18 E0304 Barnes, Joseph [I0124]
    1802-09-30 E0832 Little, John [I0453]
    about 1803 E6976 Higgins, Henry [I3059]
    estimated about 1803 E8621 Gunson [I3238]
    estimated about 1803 E8748 [I3239]
    estimated about 1803 E9575 Worsdell, John [I2618]
    about 1803 E9757 Webster, Sophia [I3821]
    about 1803 E9841 [Bottomley], Esther [I3876]
    about 1803 E9849 Lord, Joseph [I3882]
    about 1803 E10156 Brown, Rachael [I3999]
    about 1803 E10404 Grant, Jane [I4191]
    before 1803-04-08 E9732 Pierce, Mary [I3802]
    1804 E1076 Rigg, Jane [I0617]
    about 1804 E2029 Simmons, James [I1213]
    about 1804 E4293 [Pickett], Sarah A [I1715]
    about 1804 E6843 [Oxenham], Rachel C [I2925]
    estimated about 1804 E8109 Burry, William [I2651]
    1804-06-23 E0804 Little, Agnes [I0440]
    about 1805 E2035 Stevens, Hannah [I1214]
    about 1805 E3300 White, Jemima [I1549]
    about 1805 E3287 [Goddard], Sarah [I1532]
    about 1805 E5788 [Lance], Hannah [I2531]
    about 1805 E6874 Crisele, Maria [I2956]
    about 1805 E7313 West, Robert [I3347]
    before 1805-03-21 E9724 Pierce, Isaac [I3799]
    1805-12-07 E6525 Neate, Sarah [I2671]
    calculated about 1806 E5793 Lance, William [I2530]
    about 1806 E7213 Graham, William [I3280]
    estimated about 1806 E8637 Harris, Charles [I2622]
    estimated about 1806 E8690 Holliday, Elizabeth [I1890]
    estimated about 1806 E8725 Hoskin, Harriet [I3523]
    estimated about 1806 E8859 Manson, Joseph [I3522]
    estimated about 1806 E9070 Pike, Maria [I3549]
    before 1806-04-06 E9662 Tarrant, Thomas [I3759]
    1806-09-27 E0858 Little, Mary [I0461]
    1806-11-06 E4817 Perrot, Sarah [I1971]
    about 1807 E3181 Rodda, James [I1452]
    about 1807 E7309 [West], Hannah [I3348]
    estimated about 1807 E9121 Porteous, Jean [I0874]
    about 1807 E10503 Robinson, John [I4266]
    1807-06-07 E4808 Neate, John [I1970]
    before 1807-07-05 E9725 Pierce, Jane [I3800]
    about 1808 E3178 Pearce, Elizabeth [I1451]
    about 1808 E5643 Pitt, Edward [I2430]
    estimated about 1808 E8887 Martin, John [I2626]
    estimated about 1808 E9086 [Placeholder] [I3099]
    estimated about 1808 E9391 [Tanner], Mary Anne [I0030]
    estimated about 1808 E9577 Worsdell, Richard [I2623]
    about 1808 E10193 Wellman, Ann [I4057]
    about 1808 E10357 Grant, George [I4153]
    about 1808 E10358 Slaughter, Susan [I4159]
    about 1808 E10405 Grant, Ann [I4192]
    about 1809 E2637 Dawson, Stephen [I1246]
    calculated about 1809 E3302 Goddard, Stephen [I1550]
    about 1809 E5651 [Pitt], Elizabeth [I2437]
    about 1809 E5805 Prince, Joseph [I2541]
    about 1809 E6978 Highett, John [I3061]
    1809-02-26 E0167 Ashbridge, Robert [I0893]
    1809-10-03 E1421 Little, Richard [I0010]
    1809-10-19 E1247 Barnes, George [I0262]
    about 1810 E6745 Barnes, Prudence [I2824]
    about 1810 E7753 Roper, Daniel [I3622]
    estimated about 1810 E8099 Buckland, James [I2613]
    estimated about 1810 E8976 Neate, Mary Ann [I2670]
    estimated about 1810 E9580 Wright, Jonathan [I2621]
    about 1810 E10037 [Truswell], Sarah [I3974]
    about 1810 E10330 Bowers, Robert [I4140]
    about 1810 E10406 Grant, John [I4193]
    about 1810 E10495 Story, Mathew [I4257]
    about 1811 E2797 [Douglas], Isabella [I1312]
    about 1811 E4469 Simes, Joshua [I1787]
    1811 E4995 Powell, Elizabeth [I2088]
    about 1811 E7574 Filsell, William [I3514]
    estimated about 1811 E8082 Bromley, Joseph [I3708]
    about 1811 E9594 Harmer, William [I3715]
    about 1811 E9595 Harmer, Sarah [I3716]
    about 1811 E9663 Handy, Elizabeth [I3760]
    about 1811 E9692 Shergold, Robert [I3775]
    about 1811 E9839 Eccles, William [I3875]
    about 1811 E10448 Farnaby, John [I4226]
    1811-11-14 E10062 Barnes, William [I3987]
    about 1812 E2638 [Dawson], Ann [I1247]
    calculated about 1812 E4625 Cusse, John Stagg [I1861]
    about 1812 E6766 Horsefall, C E [I2847]
    about 1812 E7211 Hope, William [I3278]
    about 1812 E7232 [Hope], Elizabeth [I3296]
    about 1812 E7244 Hope, William [I3307]
    estimated about 1812 E8523 Gilbertson, Richard [I0831]
    estimated about 1812 E8646 Hayes, Mary Ann [I3552]
    estimated about 1812 E8650 Hayton, Amos [I1127]
    estimated about 1812 E9026 Paterson, Agnes [I0832]
    estimated about 1812 E9497 Wedge, Charles [I2617]
    1812-03-29 E0153 Porteous, Mary Muney [I0883]
    1813 E2618 Tarrant, Martha [I0931]
    1813 E5202 Stubbington, James [I2200]
    about 1813 E7858 Stubberfield, Charlotte [I3685]
    about 1813 E9802 Greenhalgh, William [I3856]
    before 1813-01-00 E10170 Windsor, Mary Ann [I4045]
    before 1813-01-00 E10173 Windsor, Martha [I4046]
    about 1813 E10458 Tennick, Mabel [I4234]
    about 1813 E10502 Story, Mary [I4265]
    1814 E1148 Waite, Hannah [I0678]
    1814 E0846 Little, Margaret [I0458]
    about 1814 E2614 Windsor, William [I0930]
    calculated about 1814 E3264 Carter, William [I1520]
    between 1814 and 1919 E4426 Simmons, [Unknown] [I1757]
    about 1814 E4669 Waring, Thomas Walter [I1888]
    about 1814 E4675 Waring, Richard [I1909]
    about 1814 E5806 Prince, Amelia [I2542]
    about 1814 E6709 Corney, Henry [I2788]
    about 1814 E6724 Hallet, Richard [I2803]
    about 1814 E7583 Stolze, Johanne Friedericke Georgina [I3519]
    about 1814 E7755 Gardner, Robert [I3624]
    estimated about 1814 E9110 [Placeholder] [I3349]
    estimated about 1814 E9501 Wedge, George [I2615]
    about 1814 E10078 Brown, Sarah [I3988]
    about 1814 E10331 Briggs, Susanna [I4141]
    1814-09-14 E0155 Porteous, James [I0884]
    calculated about 1815 E2992 Baker, Thomas [I1372]
    about 1815 E3265 Biffen, Sarah [I1521]
    about 1815 E4233 Stable, Joshua [I1692]
    about 1815 E7130 Gretton, Jane [I3223]
    about 1815 E7557 Filsell, George [I2699]
    about 1815 E7582 Wiesmeyer, Johann Christian [I3518]
    before 1815 E7822 Carter, Thomas [I2597]
    estimated about 1815 E9553 Wisdom, Frances [I3564]
    about 1815 E9878 Aspden, Sarah [I3901]
    about 1815 E10409 Grant, Charles Michael [I4195]
    before 1815-10-08 E9857 Normanton, Sarah [I3890]
    about 1816 E2717 Stubberfield, Joshua [I1278]
    about 1816 E2718 Bray, Elizabeth [I1292]
    about 1816 E4803 Wedge, Philip [I1968]
    calculated about 1816 E5491 Hedley, Mary [I2337]
    about 1816 E6954 Dunn, Anne G [I3036]
    about 1816 E7115 Hope, William [I3215]
    about 1816 E7556 Jowett, Elizabeth Mary [I2700]
    about 1816 E7760 Pearson, Anne [I3628]
    before 1816 E7821 Carter, Sarah [I2596]
    about 1816 E7868 Hook, Thomas [I3691]
    estimated about 1816 E8938 Morales, Antonia Carmen Dolores [I0602]
    estimated about 1816 E9096 [Placeholder] [I3105]
    estimated about 1816 E9508 Wedge, Philip [I2614]
    about 1816 E9619 [Wiltshire], Harriet [I3736]
    about 1816 E9627 Wiltshire, David [I3737]
    about 1816 E9889 Brook, Rhoda [I3908]
    about 1816 E10273 Lawson, John [I4102]
    about 1816 E10279 [Lawson], Jane [I4104]
    about 1816 E10454 Eatherington, Henry [I4230]
    1816-02-11 E0922 Little, William [I0485]
    1816-10-22 E4670 Castley, Caroline [I1905]
    1816-12-26 E0157 Porteous, Thomas [I0885]
    about 1817 E4235 Singleton, Agnes [I1693]
    calculated about 1817 E5490 Emmerson, Ralph [I2318]
    about 1817 E5634 Soper, Henry [I2425]
    about 1817 E6712 Corney, Ann [I2791]
    about 1817 E9803 [Greenhalgh], Elizabeth [I3857]
    1818 E0526 Doughton, Mary Ann [I0292]
    about 1818 E0241 Barnes, Henry [I0100]
    about 1818 E5090 Smith, Elizabeth [I2132]
    about 1818 E5098 Smith, Jacob [I2135]
    about 1818 E5635 Symons or Lavers, Mary Ann [I2426]
    about 1818 E6739 Full, John [I2818]
    estimated about 1818 E8520 Gidman, Ellen [I3556]
    estimated about 1818 E9172 Russell, John Walker [I2433]
    about 1818 E9768 Prescot, David [I3831]
    before 1818-08-23 E4794 Wedge, William [I1962]
    before 1819 E7820 Carter, John [I0940]
    about 1819 E8635 Harris, Caroline [I2598]
    about 1819 E9767 Tallemach, Thomas [I3830]
    about 1819 E9888 Aspden, Thomas [I3898]
    1819-04-01 E0158 Porteous, Joseph [I0886]
    before 1819-08-22 E0998 Normanton, Hannah Elizabeth [I0550]
    about 1820 E0318 Barnes, Joseph [I0130]
    1820 E0425 Bell, George [I0439]
    calculated about 1820 E4158 Jackson, Isaac [I1667]
    about 1820 E5418 Rudman, Elizabeth [I2294]
    about 1820 E6985 Gale, John Henry [I3068]
    about 1820 E7206 Hope, George [I3274]
    about 1820 E7245 Hoope, George [I3309]
    about 1820 E7666 , Prudence [I3568]
    about 1820 E7869 Carpenter, Sarah [I3690]
    before 1820-11-13 E4801 Wedge, Walter [I1966]
    1821 E0981 Mattinson, William [I0534]
    about 1821 E0321 Barnes, Joseph [I0132]
    calculated about 1821 E3248 Carter, Elizabeth [I1509]
    about 1821 E3262 Carter, Thomas Newman [I1519]
    calculated about 1821 E4537 Lynds, William [I1811]
    calculated about 1821 E4539 Lynds, George [I1812]
    calculated about 1821 E4555 Jarvis, Maria [I1819]
    calculated about 1821 E4615 Jenner, Thomas [I1856]
    about 1821 E4937 Sedgwick, William G [I2048]
    about 1821 E6644 Stephenson, Margaret [I2745]
    about 1821 E6716 Eddings, Thomas [I2795]
    about 1821 E6770 Moses, Elizabeth [I2848]
    about 1821 E6918 Gregory, Thomas [I3000]
    about 1821 E6924 [Blinks], Eleanor [I3006]
    about 1821 E6960 [Chillwaters], Jane [I3042]
    about 1821 E6980 Roxby Beverly, William [I3063]
    about 1821 E7217 Gate, Joseph [I3284]
    about 1821 E7286 Worsdell, James [I2611]
    about 1821 E9866 Helliwell, Hannah [I3896]
    about 1821 E10286 Mattinson, Lettice [I4112]
    about 1821 E10295 Calvert, Thomas [I4120]
    1821 E10410 Grant, Eliza Hotchkin [I4196]
    before 1821-02-27 E5948 Strong, Caroline [I2199]
    1821-08-01 E0159 Porteous, Janet McDonald [I0887]
    before 1821-12-16 E9856 Normanton, John [I3889]
    1822 E0943 Littleton, Nicholas [I0495]
    calculated about 1822 E2988 Edwards, Eliza Ann [I1373]
    calculated about 1822 E4954 Bottomley, George [I2061]
    about 1822 E6597 Tucker, Jane [I2716]
    about 1822 E6726 Wilson, John [I2805]
    about 1822 E6820 Dixon, Thomas [I2901]
    about 1822 E6923 Blinks, Richard [I3005]
    before 1822 E7819 Carter, Mary [I0943]
    about 1822 E10226 Merritt, Sarah [I4079]
    1823 E0213 Maslen, Anne [I0929]
    1823 E1150 Walker, Elizabeth [I0679]
    about 1823 E0623 Glaister, Thomas [I0344]
    about 1823 E0817 Little, Betty [I0445]
    about 1823 E2549 Bottomley, George [I1202]
    about 1823 E4167 Tyson, Jane [I1668]
    about 1823 E4616 Batho or Holmes, Mary [I1857]
    about 1823 E4679 Salter, Susan [I1911]
    about 1823 E6720 Hallwing, Ann [I2799]
    about 1823 E7207 Hope, Jonathan [I3276]
    about 1823 E7267 Gray, John [I3320]
    about 1823 E7268 Brown, Eliza [I3321]
    about 1823 E7759 Priestley, James [I3627]
    estimated about 1823 E9473 Wallen, Thomas [I2628]
    estimated about 1823 E9512 Wedge, Sarah [I2616]
    about 1823 E9771 Yates, Mary [I3833]
    before 1823-01-00 E10174 Windsor, James [I4047]
    before 1823-11-09 E9836 Bottomley, Isaac [I3872]
    about 1824 E0443 Bottomley, Isaac [I0221]
    calculated about 1824 E0369 Barnes, Robert [I0163]
    calculated about 1824 E3013 Hodgson, Thomas [I1381]
    calculated about 1824 E3036 McKie, James [I1308]
    calculated about 1824 E3189 James, William [I1459]
    about 1824 E3284 [Unknown], Eliza [I1535]
    calculated about 1824 E4521 Lynds, Jeremiah [I1805]
    about 1824 E4553 Wells, William [I1818]
    about 1824 E4930 Ward, Robert [I2042]
    about 1824 E6586 Stephenson, Thomas [I2705]
    about 1824 E6599 Denwood, Jane [I2717]
    about 1824 E6630 Green, William Gale [I1546]
    about 1824 E6893 Burfitt, John [I2976]
    about 1824 E6959 Chillwaters, Nathanial [I3041]
    about 1824 E7237 [Hope], Isabella [I3300]
    about 1824 E7621 Crowter, George [I3543]
    about 1824 E7751 Holliday, Thompson [I3620]
    before 1824 E7818 Carter, Robert [I0941]
    about 1824 E7842 Morris, Moses [I3674]
    1824-03-12 E0160 Porteous, Anne [I0998]
    before 1824-07-28 E7815 Carter, Thomas [I0750]
    calculated about 1825 E1194 Johnston, Sarah [I0725]
    about 1825 E4471 Overy, Mary Ann Farrance [I1788]
    about 1825 E5809 Wilson, John Lewis [I2545]
    about 1825 E6604 Smith, Isaac [I2715]
    about 1825 E6693 Keeble, George [I2776]
    about 1825 E6701 Bates, Anne [I2780]
    about 1825 E6708 Strong, John [I2787]
    about 1825 E7014 Daniels, Mary Ann [I3112]
    about 1825 E7076 Wallace, Joseph [I3182]
    about 1825 E7098 Allen, Joseph [I3202]
    about 1825 E7208 Hope, Thomas [I3277]
    about 1825 E7780 Mason, Thomas [I3645]
    about 1825 E7830 Bacon, George [I3668]
    estimated about 1825 E9228 Smith [I3335]
    about 1825 E9689 Shipman, William T [I3772]
    about 1825 E9772 Yates, Samuel [I3834]
    about 1825 E9837 [Bottomley], Martha [I3873]
    1825 E9862 Normanton, Mary Ann [I3892]
    about 1825 E10501 Weightman, Sarah [I4263]
    before 1825-05-08 E4802 Wedge, Thomas [I1967]
    1825-11-27 E0829 Little, Isabella [I0450]
    1826 E0077 Jackson, Sarah [I0815]
    about 1826 E0405 Barnes, Thomas [I0183]
    before 1826 E1133 Tanner, John [I0665]
    calculated about 1826 E3014 Hodgson, Anthony [I1382]
    calculated about 1826 E3249 Carter, Mary [I1510]
    calculated about 1826 E3250 Carter, Sarah [I1511]
    calculated about 1826 E3257 Carter, William [I1515]
    calculated about 1826 E4523 Cooper, Harriett [I1806]
    calculated about 1826 E4545 Lynds, Jane [I1815]
    about 1826 E6587 Marston, Catherine [I2706]
    about 1826 E6605 Jackson, Elizabeth [I2728]
    about 1826 E6646 Stephenson, Jane [I2747]
    about 1826 E6702 Higgins, John [I2781]
    about 1826 E6902 Potter, George [I2985]
    about 1826 E6945 Walker, John [I3027]
    about 1826 E6946 [Walker], Jessy [I3028]
    about 1826 E6955 Dunn, Eliza P [I3037]
    about 1826 E7163 Ward, Mary Ann [I3245]
    about 1826 E7247 Martin, William [I2625]
    about 1826 E7284 Tanner, George [I3329]
    about 1826 E7598 Simpson, Andrew [I3520]
    about 1826 E7622 Crowter, John Freeborn [I3544]
    estimated about 1826 E9078 [Placeholder] [I2873]
    estimated about 1826 E9231 Smith, John [I2629]
    about 1826 E9861 Normanton, John [I3891]
    about 1826 E10043 [Wombell], Hannah [I3979]
    about 1826 E10287 Mattinson, Thomas [I4113]
    about 1826 E10290 Mattinson, Hannah [I4116]
    about 1827 E2603 Jarman, Anne Masters [I1598]
    calculated about 1827 E3064 Horsecroft, Frances [I1393]
    about 1827 E3242 Maslen, Susanna Jane [I1504]
    calculated about 1827 E4048 Burt, Jane [I1610]
    calculated about 1827 E4162 Bartholomew, Esther [I1662]
    about 1827 E4033 Sutcliffe, George [I1698]
    calculated about 1827 E4758 Carter, James [I1516]
    about 1827 E4938 Sedgwick, George O [I2049]
    about 1827 E6741 Matthews, Joseph [I2820]
    about 1827 E6793 Hope, Ann [I2871]
    about 1827 E6885 Tindell, Martha [I2967]
    about 1827 E7015 Eyles, Thomas [I2635]
    about 1827 E7065 [Clark], Jane [I3172]
    about 1827 E7077 Wallace, Henry [I3183]
    before 1827 E7817 Carter, Phillip [I0942]
    estimated about 1827 E8921 Minter, William [I1105]
    estimated about 1827 E9088 [Placeholder] [I3100]
    1827 E9650 Gregory, Elizabeth [I3754]
    about 1827 E9698 King, Joseph [I3779]
    about 1827 E9850 Lord, Mary [I3883]
    about 1827 E10288 Mattinson, Mary [I4114]
    1827-12-23 E0141 Porteous, John [I0875]
    about 1828 E1077 Barnes, Agnes Glaister [I0122]
    1828 E0685 Hodgson, Mary [I0388]
    about 1828 E4176 Jackson, Isabella [I1672]
    about 1828 E4037 [Sutcliffe], Sarah [I1699]
    about 1828 E4541 Lynds, Richard [I1813]
    about 1828 E4543 Lynds, Henry [I1814]
    about 1828 E4525 Payne, Henry [I1807]
    about 1828 E4717 Crowter, William Lush [I1926]
    about 1828 E4718 Payne, Emma [I1927]
    about 1828 E4766 Sheer, Charlotte [I1947]
    about 1828 E6703 Kirkbride, John [I2782]
    about 1828 E7087 Hasting, Isabella [I3193]
    about 1828 E7212 Irving, Sarah [I3279]
    about 1828 E7229 Farrow, Thomas [I3294]
    about 1828 E7575 Filsell, Edwin [I3515]
    about 1828 E7752 Wise, Robert [I3621]
    estimated about 1828 E8966 [Neate], Jane [I2659]
    estimated about 1828 E8970 Neate, Levi [I2639]
    estimated about 1828 E9414 Togwell, William [I1107]
    estimated about 1828 E9499 Wedge, Elizabeth [I1961]
    about 1828 E9696 Butcher, Levi [I3778]
    about 1828 E9774 Ormesher, Ellen [I3835]
    1828 E9863 Normanton, William [I3893]
    about 1828 E10180 Tilley, James [I4051]
    before 1828-06-30 E5856 Little, Mary [I0460]
    1829 E0199 Archer, Humphrey [I0914]
    1829 E0931 Littleton, Ann [I0610]
    1829 E0200 Fishwick, Margaret [I0915]
    1829 E0191 Temple, William [I0908]
    about 1829 E3190 [James], Grace [I1460]
    1829 E3251 Carter, Henry [I1512]
    about 1829 E3298 White, Elizabeth [I1548]
    about 1829 E4017 Barton, Charlotte Ann [I1593]
    about 1829 E4527 [Payne], Maria [I1808]
    about 1829 E4939 Sedgwick, Frederic [I2050]
    calculated about 1829 E4947 Bottomley, Ann [I2055]
    about 1829 E4997 Strong, Charles [I2089]
    about 1829 E6645 Stephenson, Samuel [I2746]
    about 1829 E6652 [Stephenson], Isabella [I2751]
    about 1829 E6862 Windsor, Elizabeth [I2944]
    about 1829 E7028 Lay, John [I3119]
    about 1829 E7222 Irving, Henry [I3288]
    about 1829 E7228 Moor, William [I3293]
    about 1829 E7835 Moore, John [I3391]
    about 1829 E7884 Bromley, Alfred [I3704]
    about 1829 E9690 Smith, Sidney [I3774]
    about 1829 E9879 Aspden, Margaret [I3902]
    about 1829 E9884 Aspden, Alice [I3905]
    about 1829 E10069 Huddart, Thomas [I3992]
    about 1829 E10178 Maslen, Charles [I4049]
    about 1829 E10217 [Hilton], Elizabeth [I4072]
    about 1829 E10289 Mattinson, Herbert [I4115]
    1829-07-27 E0885 Little, Richard [I0471]
    1829-10-18 E4823 Neate, Levi [I1981]
    before 1829-10-25 E5860 Little, Robert [I1004]
    1829-11-08 E0142 Porteous, Archibald [I0876]
    calculated about 1830 E1229 Barnes, Elizabeth [I0173]
    1830 E0067 Jackson, Joseph [I1003]
    1830 E0313 Barnes, Joseph [I0664]
    about 1830 E0682 Hayton, Ruth [I0384]
    calculated about 1830 E3063 Bartholomew, William [I1392]
    about 1830 E3243 Maslen, Joseph [I1505]
    about 1830 E4940 Sedgwick, Henry [I2051]
    1830 E5013 Howell, Elizabeth [I2092]
    about 1830 E6700 Unicume, Anne [I2779]
    about 1830 E6899 Obrion, Michael [I2982]
    about 1830 E6986 [Gale], Augusta [I3069]
    about 1830 E7624 Crowter, Henry [I3545]
    about 1830 E7831 [Bacon], Sarah A [I3669]
    about 1830 E7843 [Morris], Elizabeth [I3675]
    estimated about 1830 E9223 Smith, George [I2631]
    about 1830 E10395 Grant, George [I4182]
    before 1830-08-22 E5857 Little, Mary Anne [I0464]
    about 1831 E0936 Littleton, Betsy [I0618]
    calculated about 1831 E2038 Jones, Jane [I1170]
    about 1831 E2550 Bottomley, Elizabeth [I1203]
    about 1831 E2612 Tarrant, John [I1233]
    calculated about 1831 E2642 Dawson, James [I1250]
    about 1831 E3096 [Unknown], Mary [I1415]
    1831 E4999 Strong, Ann [I2090]
    1831 E5001 Strong, William [I2091]
    calculated about 1831 E5162 Beal, John [I2181]
    calculated about 1831 E5552 Hedley, John [I2378]
    about 1831 E6717 Hemmings, James [I2796]
    about 1831 E6718 Spark, Mary [I2797]
    about 1831 E6771 Gardner, Sarah [I2849]
    about 1831 E7004 Lang, Peter Redford [I3087]
    about 1831 E7064 Clark, Thomas [I3171]
    about 1831 E7078 Wallace, Jane [I3184]
    about 1831 E7084 Barton, George [I3190]
    about 1831 E7836 [Moore], Esther [I3672]
    estimated about 1831 E8631 Hamet, Miss [I0369]
    estimated about 1831 E8685 Hodgson, Tyson [I1891]
    estimated about 1831 E9507 Wedge, Mary Ann [I1965]
    about 1831 E9599 Jarman, Stephen [I3720]
    about 1831 E9758 Yates, James [I3822]
    about 1831 E10042 Wombell, James [I3978]
    about 1831 E10157 Huddart, Joseph [I4036]
    before 1831-10-23 E5853 Little, Hannah [I0468]
    about 1832 E2580 Simmons, George Edward [I1169]
    calculated about 1832 E2974 Charlton, Ann [I1364]
    about 1832 E4927 Sedgwick, Lucy Elizabeth [I2040]
    about 1832 E7386 Moore, Henry [I3401]
    estimated about 1832 E8221 Clark, Francis W [I3703]
    about 1832 E9694 Gregory, Mary [I3776]
    about 1832 E9786 Coop, Betty [I3842]
    about 1832 E9864 Normanton, Henry [I3894]
    about 1832 E10397 Grant, Charlotte [I4183]
    1832-02-03 E4824 Neate, John [I1982]
    1833 E0193 Lowes, Mabel [I0909]
    1833 E1118 Stubbs, Joseph Donald [I0656]
    1833 E0719 Barnes, William [I0045]
    calculated about 1833 E2639 Dawson, Edward [I1248]
    about 1833 E3259 Carter, Anne [I1517]
    about 1833 E3260 Carter, Sarah [I1518]
    calculated about 1833 E4163 Bartholomew, Thomas [I1663]
    about 1833 E4549 Lynds, Mary [I1817]
    about 1833 E5648 Pitt, Mary [I2434]
    about 1833 E6647 Stephenson, Mary [I2748]
    about 1833 E6721 Loncaster, Esther [I2800]
    about 1833 E6742 Barnes, Prudence [I2821]
    about 1833 E6981 Burbidge, Sophia [I3064]
    about 1833 E7079 Wallace, John [I3185]
    about 1833 E7359 Gainford, Robert [I3371]
    about 1833 E7577 Filsell, Clark John [I3516]
    about 1833 E7625 Crowter, Thomas [I3546]
    about 1833 E7757 Crigtton, Margaret [I3626]
    about 1833 E9600 Jarman, Phoebe [I3721]
    about 1833 E9769 Reynold, Jonathan [I3832]
    about 1833 E9845 Lord, Sarah [I3880]
    about 1833 E10158 Huddart, Sarah [I4037]
    about 1833 E10179 Maslen, Jane [I4050]
    about 1833 E10194 Maslen, Jane [I4058]
    about 1833 E10291 Mattinson, John [I4117]
    about 1833 E10332 Bowers, Amelia [I4142]
    before 1833-08-11 E3743 Little, Bridget [I0446]
    1833-12-22 E0144 Porteous, George [I0877]
    1834 E1424 Tanner, Charles Joseph [I0769]
    about 1834 E3184 Rodda, John [I1454]
    calculated about 1834 E3266 Biffen, Charles [I1522]
    about 1834 E3294 White, Philip [I1540]
    about 1834 E3984 Bloom, John [I1578]
    1834 E3985 Turtle, Elizabeth [I1579]
    1834 E4845 Strong, Jane [I1992]
    about 1834 E4941 Sedgwick, Emily [I2052]
    calculated about 1834 E4948 Bottomley, Samuel [I2056]
    calculated about 1834 E5794 Lance, William Henry [I2534]
    about 1834 E5807 Prince, Elizabeth [I2543]
    about 1834 E6404 Daniels, John [I2632]
    about 1834 E6705 Hetherington, Thomas [I2784]
    about 1834 E6996 Emmerson, Hector R [I3079]
    about 1834 E7304 West, Frances [I3343]
    about 1834 E7754 Crighton, Sarah [I3623]
    about 1834 E7756 Conolly, Peter [I3625]
    about 1834 E7709 Fishwick, James [I3597]
    estimated about 1834 E8318 Dark, George [I2642]
    estimated about 1834 E9102 [Placeholder] [I3108]
    estimated about 1834 E9104 [Placeholder] [I3125]
    estimated about 1834 E9106 [Placeholder] [I3204]
    estimated about 1834 E9165 Rose, Wallace [I0628]
    1834 E9865 Normanton, Nimrod [I3895]
    about 1834 E10127 Errey, John [I4019]
    before 1834-04-27 E5859 Little, Richard [I0472]
    before 1834-04-27 E9504 Wedge, Job [I1956]
    1835 E0622 Glaister, Stamper [I0343]
    1835 E1268 Barnes, Henry [I0099]
    about 1835 E2581 Simmons, Elizabeth Jane [I1216]
    calculated 1835 E2825 Archer, Thomas [I1321]
    about 1835 E3244 Maslen, William [I1506]
    calculated about 1835 E4192 Jackson, Ann [I1676]
    calculated about 1835 E4276 Dane, Mary A [I1709]
    about 1835 E7085 Blackburn, Joseph [I3191]
    about 1835 E7230 Carberry, Ann Mary [I3295]
    about 1835 E7888 Playford, Charlotte [I3707]
    about 1835 E9601 Jarman, Frances [I3722]
    about 1835 E9885 Aspden, John [I3906]
    about 1835 E10159 Huddart, William [I4038]
    about 1835 E10195 Maslen, Henry [I4059]
    about 1835 E10333 Bowers, Thomas [I4143]
    about 1835 E10399 Grant, Sarah [I4184]
    1835-06-27 E4819 Neate, Ishmael [I1969]
    1835-12-18 E0145 Porteous, Margret [I0878]
    about 1836 E0296 Barnes, John [I0121]
    1836 E0810 Little, Ann [I0443]
    about 1836 E2600 Dawson, John [I1157]
    about 1836 E2719 Stubberfield, Charlotte [I1293]
    about 1836 E3185 Rodda, Margaret [I1455]
    calculated about 1836 E3291 Goddard, Frederick [I1538]
    1836 E4000 Grant, Robert Henry [I1585]
    calculated about 1836 E4198 Hetherington, Elizabeth [I0807]
    about 1836 E4295 Pickett, Matilda [I1716]
    about 1836 E4547 Lynds, John [I1816]
    about 1836 E4626 [Cusse], Adelaide [I1862]
    calculated about 1836 E4949 Bottomley, Hannah [I2057]
    calculated about 1836 E5495 Emmerson, John [I2340]
    about 1836 E5647 Pitt, Jane [I2432]
    about 1836 E5798 Spicer, John [I2537]
    calculated about 1836 E5799 Lance, Mary Jane [I2536]
    about 1836 E6828 [Swatton], Sarah Sophia Ridgley [I2909]
    about 1836 E7627 Crowter, James [I3547]
    estimated about 1836 E7984 Bartlett, Richard [I2640]
    about 1836 E9707 Morris, Anna C [I3786]
    about 1836 E9759 Yates, William [I3823]
    about 1836 E10292 Mattinson, Francis [I4118]
    about 1836 E10374 [Grant], Mary [I4170]
    about 1836 E10496 Story, Eliza [I4258]
    before 1836-01-24 E5863 Little, Thomas [I0484]
    1836-06-01 E6535 Wedge, Margaret [I2668]
    1836-09-05 E1128 Tanner, Caroline [I0663]
    1837 E2048 Stubberfield, Jane [I1171]
    about 1837 E2552 Bottomley, Ruth [I1204]
    1837 E4396 Windsor, Joseph [I1748]
    about 1837 E6639 Fulcher, George Frederick [I2739]
    about 1837 E6704 Dobson, John Bouch [I2783]
    about 1837 E6725 Swain, Elizabeth [I2804]
    about 1837 E6727 Walker, Agnes [I2806]
    about 1837 E6749 Fishwick, Thomas [I2827]
    about 1837 E6904 Scott, William G [I2987]
    about 1837 E7080 Wallace, William [I3186]
    about 1837 E7166 Holiday, Thomas [I3248]
    about 1837 E7317 Yates, John [I3344]
    estimated about 1837 E8438 Ferguson, Thomas [I3390]
    estimated about 1837 E8460 Foord, Alice [I1641]
    about 1837 E8767 Jarman, William [I1596]
    estimated about 1837 E8827 Littleton, Margaret [I0493]
    about 1837 E9795 Marris, Doctor [I3851]
    about 1837 E10160 Huddart, Rachael [I4039]
    about 1837 E10334 Bowers, Robert [I4144]
    about 1837 E10362 Grant, Henry [I4161]
    1837-03-05 E0831 Little, John [I0452]
    1837-05-23 E4825 Neate, Isabella [I1983]
    1838 E0912 Little, Sarah [I0480]
    1838 E2016 Simmons, Edwin [I1168]
    calculated about 1838 E2826 Archer, Betsy [I1322]
    calculated about 1838 E3057 Bartholomew, Edgar [I1131]
    about 1838 E4674 Waring, Thomas Castley [I1906]
    calculated about 1838 E4950 Bottomley, Sarah [I2058]
    calculated about 1838 E4956 Craven, Sarah [I2062]
    1838 E5496 Emmerson, Ralph [I2341]
    about 1838 E6729 Topin, Richard [I2808]
    about 1838 E6798 Williams, Thomas [I2878]
    about 1838 E6811 Oldwell, Sarah [I2891]
    about 1838 E6915 Kyte, Isabella [I2997]
    about 1838 E6957 Mabbett, Henrietta [I3039]
    1838 E9652 Gregory, Charlotte [I3756]
    about 1838 E9800 Greenhalgh, Ann [I3854]
    about 1838 E10076 Barnes, Sarah [I3997]
    about 1838 E10293 Mattinson, Eleanor [I4119]
    about 1838 E10335 Bowers, Caroline [I4145]
    about 1838 E10378 [Grant], Mary [I4172]
    about 1838 E10497 Story, Mary [I4259]
    before 1838-01-21 E5854 Little, Jane [I0451]
    1838-03-09 E0146 Porteous, Grace [I0879]
    1838-09-08 E6533 Wedge, George [I2667]
    1839 E0393 Barnes, Sarah [I0176]
    1839 E0869 Little, Nicholas [I0467]
    1839 E2582 Simmons, Charlotte [I1217]
    about 1839 E2723 Stubberfield, Harriet [I1296]
    calculated about 1839 E3267 Carter, James [I1523]
    1839 E4398 Windsor, Tirzah [I1749]
    about 1839 E4732 Salter, Angelina [I1933]
    calculated about 1839 E4884 Hayes, Henry [I2009]
    about 1839 E5649 Pitt, Edward [I2435]
    about 1839 E7153 Gunson, Jane [I3237]
    about 1839 E7227 Thompson, William [I3292]
    about 1839 E7307 West, Dinah [I3346]
    estimated about 1839 E7982 Bartlett, George [I2647]
    estimated about 1839 E8026 Blackmore, Thomas [I2079]
    estimated about 1839 E8163 Carter, Mary [I2078]
    about 1839 E9605 Abraham, Joseph T [I3724]
    about 1839 E9736 Belton, William [I3804]
    about 1839 E10161 Huddart, Robert [I4040]
    1839 E10363 Grant, Charles [I4162]
    before 1839-04-14 E5852 Little, Hannah [I0447]
    1839-12-13 E5004 Strong, Harriet [I2093]
    1840 E2640 Dawson, Alice [I1249]
    calculated about 1840 E2799 Douglas, Thomas [I1314]
    calculated about 1840 E3058 Knight, Betsey [I1132]
    calculated about 1840 E3288 Goddard, Daniel [I1536]
    about 1840 E4409 Line, Amanda [I1752]
    1840 E4602 Waring, Richard Walter [I1846]
    1840 E4951 Bottomley, Dennis [I2059]
    1840 E5500 Emmerson, William [I2344]
    about 1840 E6847 Dawson, Amelia [I2929]
    about 1840 E7081 Wallace, Thomas [I3187]
    about 1840 E7112 Irving, Henry [I3216]
    about 1840 E7241 Carruthers, Richard [I3304]
    about 1840 E7628 Crowter, Mary [I3548]
    about 1840 E7826 Fishwick, Joseph [I3598]
    estimated about 1840 E8008 Benson, Arthur [I3247]
    estimated about 1840 E9092 [Placeholder] [I3102]
    estimated about 1840 E9532 Wilkinson, Jane [I3255]
    1840 E9628 Wiltshire, David [I3740]
    about 1840 E9753 Brooks, Eliza [I3818]
    about 1840 E9760 Yates, Elizabeth Ann [I3824]
    1840 E10071 Barnes, Thomas [I3993]
    about 1840 E10196 Maslen, Louisa [I4060]
    1840-01-18 E0099 Porteous, Walter Dunlop [I0845]
    1840-02-10 E4818 Neate, Mary [I1978]
    before 1840-02-23 E5861 Little, Sarah [I0479]
    1841 E2643 Dawson, George [I1251]
    about 1841 E2721 Stubberfield, Stephen [I1295]
    1841 E2827 Archer, Wilson [I1323]
    about 1841 E2910 Tagg, Cornelius R [I1343]
    calculated about 1841 E3268 Carter, Mary [I1524]
    1841 E4237 Stable, John [I1694]
    about 1841 E4279 Pickett, Stephen [I1710]
    1841 E4400 Windsor, Catherine [I1750]
    calculated about 1841 E5533 Burdon, Matthew [I2365]
    calculated about 1841 E5795 Lance, Edmund [I2535]
    about 1841 E6661 Mossop, James [I2758]
    about 1841 E6790 Lowes, Kenny [I2868]
    about 1841 E6859 Hammond, Lucy [I2941]
    about 1841 E6930 Seward, Anne [I3012]
    about 1841 E7120 Rendall, John [I3219]
    about 1841 E7128 Dunn, Emma L [I3213]
    about 1841 E7193 [Carruthers], Mary [I3265]
    about 1841 E7234 Gibson, Mark [I3298]
    about 1841 E7249 Wallen, Edwin [I2627]
    about 1841 E7389 Barry, John [I3403]
    estimated about 1841 E7923 Archer, Thomas [I3664]
    estimated about 1841 E8021 Bisson, George [I0207]
    estimated about 1841 E8419 Eyre, G L Phipps [I1179]
    estimated about 1841 E9084 [Placeholder] [I3098]
    about 1841 E9867 Helliwell, Eli [I3897]
    about 1841 E10036 Truswell, John R [I3973]
    between 1841 and 1842 E10065 Barnes, William [I3989]
    about 1841 E10163 Huddart, Ann [I4041]
    about 1841 E10280 Lawson, John [I4107]
    about 1841 E10336 Bowers, Clara [I4146]
    1841 E10359 Grant, James [I4160]
    about 1841 E10498 Story, William [I4260]
    1841-08-22 E0281 Barnes, John [I0218]
    1841-10-08 E0860 Little, Mary [I0462]
    1841-10-08 E2025 Simmons, Mary [I1160]
    about 1842 E3186 Rodda, Elizabeth [I1456]
    about 1842 E4101 [Dawson], Rachel [I1634]
    calculated about 1842 E4187 Jackson, Isaac [I1660]
    about 1842 E4757 Ward, Mark [I2017]
    about 1842 E5542 [Emmerson], Maria [I2370]
    about 1842 E6640 Ebbage, Jessie Ann [I2740]
    about 1842 E6710 Corney, Elizabeth [I2789]
    about 1842 E6768 Macklin, Matilda [I2845]
    about 1842 E6860 Wordley, Sarah [I2942]
    about 1842 E6929 Brown, Norma [I3011]
    about 1842 E7192 Carruthers, William [I3264]
    about 1842 E7223 Thompson, Isaac [I3289]
    about 1842 E7243 Topping, Ann [I3306]
    about 1842 E7586 Manson, Elizabeth Mary [I3521]
    estimated about 1842 E9073 Pinnels, Thomas [I2634]
    estimated about 1842 E9562 Witt, King [I2196]
    1842 E9629 Wiltshire, Carnelius [I3741]
    about 1842 E9846 Lord, Emma [I3881]
    about 1842 E9880 Aspden, Hannah [I3903]
    about 1842 E9886 Aspden, Hannah [I3907]
    about 1842 E10197 Maslen, Thomas [I4061]
    about 1842 E10381 [Grant], Sarah [I4174]
    before 1842-03-20 E5855 Little, John [I0454]
    1842-05-26 E0148 Porteous, Williamson Bryden [I0880]
    1842-05-26 E0149 Porteous, David [I0881]
    1842-07-03 E5182 Neate, Thirza [I2190]
    1842-10-31 E6312 Carter, Hamnutal [I2599]
    1843 E0824 Little, Hannah [I0449]
    1843 E2585 Simmons, Jane [I1219]
    about 1843 E2725 Stubberfield, Mary [I1297]
    about 1843 E2849 [Illingworth], Hannah [I0022]
    about 1843 E2911 Parrick, Charlotte Elizabeth [I1344]
    calculated about 1843 E3289 Goddard, Maria [I1537]
    before 1843 E3309 Windsor, Henry [I1551]
    1843 E5497 Emmerson, George [I2342]
    about 1843 E5764 [Bownes], Mary [I2511]
    1843-01-01 E6534 Wedge, Margaret [I2669]
    about 1843 E6662 Pert, Stephen [I2759]
    about 1843 E7086 Iredale, Watson [I3192]
    about 1843 E7119 Best, George [I3218]
    about 1843 E7294 Smith, Annie [I3336]
    about 1843 E7564 Filsell, Anne Frances [I3506]
    estimated about 1843 E7936 Bailey, Thomas [I2620]
    estimated about 1843 E8248 Compton, Henry [I2638]
    1843 E9664 Tarrant, Mary [I3761]
    about 1843 E9761 Yates, Thomas [I3825]
    about 1843 E9804 Greenhalgh, Jane [I3858]
    about 1843 E9830 Priestley, John [I3869]
    about 1843 E10164 Huddart, John [I4042]
    about 1843 E10248 Marshman, Rhoda [I4090]
    1843-02-10 E0430 Bell, Ruth [I0200]
    1844 E2604 Windsor, Jabez [I1225]
    1844 E2644 Dawson, William [I1252]
    1844 E3187 Rodda, Mary Duncaff [I1457]
    calculated about 1844 E3269 Carter, Henry [I1525]
    calculated about 1844 E3292 Goddard, Mary A [I1539]
    about 1844 E3340 Whiteley, Thomas [I1564]
    about 1844 E4297 Pickett, Sarah A [I1717]
    about 1844 E4405 Maggs, Sarah [I1751]
    1844 E4473 Simes, George Joshua [I1789]
    about 1844 E4557 Wells, Emily [I1820]
    calculated about 1844 E4838 Hale, Jane [I1988]
    1844 E5368 Smith, William [I2095]
    about 1844 E6711 Corney, Margaret [I2790]
    about 1844 E6841 Davies, Naomi [I2923]
    about 1844 E6872 [Endacott], Mary Emma [I2954]
    about 1844 E6875 Bird, George [I2957]
    about 1844 E6950 Brown, Mark [I3032]
    about 1844 E6968 Brown, John [I3051]
    about 1844 E6983 Farthing, Jane [I3066]
    about 1844 E7082 Wallace, James [I3188]
    about 1844 E7214 Gate, Ben [Grandson] [I3281]
    about 1844 E7226 Blacklock, John [I3291]
    about 1844 E7282 Worsdell, Emanuel [I3328]
    about 1844 E7565 Filsell, John Frank [I3507]
    about 1844 E7774 Goodley, Arthur [I3640]
    about 1844 E7797 Fligg, Harriet [I3654]
    about 1844 E7870 Hook, Thomas [I3692]
    estimated about 1844 E8121 Carpenter, [Unknown] [I1371]
    1844 E9623 Wiltshire, Harriet [I3738]
    about 1844 E9695 Gregory, Eliza [I3777]
    about 1844 E9805 Greenhalgh, Ellen [I3859]
    about 1844 E10038 Orme, Martha [I3975]
    about 1844 E10198 Maslen, James [I4062]
    about 1844 E10337 Bowers, Julia [I4147]
    1844 E10365 Grant, Eliza [I4164]
    about 1844 E10455 Eatherington, Thomas [I4231]
    before 1844-05-19 E5858 Little, Nicholas [I0466]
    before 1844-06-26 E5862 Little, Thomas [I0483]
    1844-07-03 E0102 Ashbridge, Sarah [I0846]
    1845 E0806 Little, Agnes [I0441]
    about 1845 E2374 Bottomley, William [I0230]
    about 1845 E2713 Minter, Thomas [I1104]
    about 1845 E2726 Stubberfield, Naomi [I1298]
    1845 E4306 Simmons, Catharine [I1720]
    calculated about 1845 E4627 Cusse, Julia E [I1863]
    calculated about 1845 E4837 Hillier, James [I1987]
    1845 E5498 Emmerson, Robert [I2343]
    about 1845 E5502 White, John [I2345]
    calculated about 1845 E5503 Carr, Ann [I2346]
    about 1845 E5650 Pitt, George [I2436]
    about 1845 E5771 [Unknown], Ann [I2517]
    calculated about 1845 E5803 Lance, Harriet [I2540]
    about 1845 E6846 Morgan, Elizabeth [I2928]
    about 1845 E6871 Endacott, Henry [I2953]
    about 1845 E6919 Wright, Thomas [I3001]
    about 1845 E7170 Roper, Joseph [I3251]
    about 1845 E7269 Gray, Elizabeth A [I3322]
    about 1845 E7289 Smith, Mary [I3330]
    about 1845 E7579 Wiesmeyer, Friederika Dorothea Henriette (Wilhelmina) [I3517]
    about 1845 E9762 Yates, Sarah Ann [I3826]
    about 1845 E9831 Priestley, Sidney [I3870]
    1845 E10072 Barnes, Hannah [I3994]
    about 1845 E10450 Eatherington, Ellen [I4229]
    about 1845 E10461 Farnaby, Jane [I4235]
    1845-02-01 E4821 Neate, Ruth [I1980]
    1845-02-28 E5007 Strong, Sarah [I2094]
    1846 E0315 Barnes, Joseph [I0127]
    1846 E2375 Bottomley, Dennis [I0214]
    1846 E2605 Windsor, Mary [I1226]
    calculated about 1846 E2645 Dawson, Thomas D [I1253]
    about 1846 E2714 Togwell, Ann [I1106]
    calculated about 1846 E2800 Douglas, Jane [I1315]
    about 1846 E3330 Winterburn, Hannah [I1563]
    1846 E3740 Little, Agness [I0442]
    calculated about 1846 E4213 Jackson, Eleanor [I1683]
    1846 E4230 Stable, Agnes [I1691]
    1846 E4475 Simes, Elizabeth Ann [I1790]
    about 1846 E4559 Wells, Albert [I1821]
    about 1846 E5662 Soper, Henry J [I2445]
    1846 E5693 Carter, William [I2465]
    about 1846 E6636 [Johnston], Ann [I2738]
    about 1846 E6691 Keeble, Elizabeth [I2777]
    about 1846 E6815 [Easther], Sara A [I2895]
    about 1846 E6844 Oxenham, Edith M [I2926]
    about 1846 E6858 Sidebottom, William I [I2940]
    about 1846 E6868 Calloway, Emma H [I2950]
    about 1846 E6951 Hamlin, John [I3033]
    about 1846 E6952 Sloper, Eliza [I3034]
    about 1846 E6956 Dunn, Hester M [I3038]
    about 1846 E6984 Green, Elen Florence [I3067]
    about 1846 E6997 [Emmerson], Catherine [I3080]
    about 1846 E7092 Green, Thomas [I3197]
    about 1846 E7150 Gunson, Thomas [I3234]
    about 1846 E7215 Gate, Elizabeth [I3282]
    about 1846 E7567 Filsell, George [I3508]
    about 1846 E7768 Goodley, William [I3634]
    1846 E7864 Hook, Deborah [I3689]
    estimated about 1846 E8890 Martin, [Unknown] [I1383]
    1846 E9657 Phippen, Samuel [I3747]
    about 1846 E10067 Barnes, John [I3990]
    about 1846 E10338 Bowers, Susanna [I4148]
    1846 E10364 Grant, William [I4163]
    1846-04-00 E6491 Waight, Caroline Mary [I2663]
    1847 E0420 Barnes, William [I0192]
    1847 E1726 Little, Richard [I0470]
    1847 E2646 Dawson, Henry [I1254]
    about 1847 E2727 Stubberfield, James [I1299]
    1847 E3182 Rodda, Edward [I1453]
    calculated about 1847 E4189 Jackson, John [I1675]
    1847 E4494 Lynds, George Jeremiah [I1797]
    calculated about 1847 E5789 Lance, Eliza [I2532]
    about 1847 E6593 Stephenson, Joseph [I2712]
    about 1847 E6613 Smith, Susannah [I2725]
    about 1847 E6842 Brooke, Sophia [I2924]
    about 1847 E7121 Gate, Ann [I2874]
    about 1847 E7147 Boys, David [I3228]
    about 1847 E7235 Forster, Agnes [I3299]
    about 1847 E7568 Filsell, Elizabeth [I3509]
    about 1847 E7763 Priestley, George [I3630]
    about 1847 E7704 Cottier, Elina [I3594]
    about 1847 E7859 Barnes, Mary A [I3686]
    about 1847 E7871 Hook, George [I3693]
    estimated about 1847 E8147 Carter, Joanne [I0957]
    estimated about 1847 E8151 Carter, Julie [I0954]
    estimated about 1847 E8189 Carter, Valerie [I0952]
    estimated about 1847 E8191 Carter, Wendy [I0955]
    estimated about 1847 E8193 Carter, William [I0953]
    estimated about 1847 E8476 Gage, Willam [I2644]
    1847 E9665 Tarrant, Thomas [I3762]
    about 1847 E9783 White, Elizabeth [I3840]
    about 1847 E9918 Scarrow, George [I3923]
    about 1847 E10199 Maslen, Emily [I4063]
    1847-01-24 E0647 Little, S [I0073]
    1847-08-05 E7588 Burge, Henry John [I3524]
    1848 E0616 Aspden, Richard [I0034]
    1848 E0928 Little, William [I0487]
    calculated about 1848 E2619 Lewington, Eliza Thierry [I1235]
    1848 E2801 Douglas, Elizabeth [I1316]
    about 1848 E3270 Carter, Jane [I1526]
    calculated about 1848 E4215 Jackson, William [I1684]
    1848 E4477 Simes, Ernest Robert [I1791]
    about 1848 E4561 Wells, William [I1822]
    calculated about 1848 E4628 Cusse, Frances E [I1864]
    1848 E5332 Strong, Sarah [I2212]
    1848 E5474 Emmerson, Hedley [I2325]
    1848 E5638 Soper, Clara [I2428]
    calculated about 1848 E5653 Hellings, John F [I2438]
    1848 E5678 Lance, Charles James [I2456]
    about 1848 E6400 Smith, Alfred Herbert [I2630]
    about 1848 E6650 Stephenson, Joseph [I2749]
    about 1848 E6731 Weeks, Eliza [I2810]
    about 1848 E6845 Oxenham, Anne E [I2927]
    about 1848 E6905 Murray, William [I2988]
    about 1848 E6944 Furmage, Harriet [I3026]
    about 1848 E6961 Underwood, Joseph [I3043]
    about 1848 E7122 Gate, William [I3220]
    about 1848 E7216 Gate, Sarah [Granddaughter] [I3283]
    about 1848 E7219 Gate, Will [I3285]
    about 1848 E7233 Gate, Willam [I3297]
    1848 E7841 Bowers, Henry Alexander [I1595]
    estimated about 1848 E9433 [Unknown], Margaret [I1334]
    1848 E9630 Wiltshire, Elizabeth Jemima [I3742]
    about 1848 E10073 Barnes, Joseph [I3995]
    about 1848 E10274 Lawson, Jane [I4103]
    1848 E10366 Grant, Edward [I4165]
    about 1848 E10429 Stead, Thomas [I4211]
    1848-04-20 E4820 Neate, Thomas [I1979]
    1848-07-16 E0088 Gilbertson, George [I0827]
    about 1849 E0863 Little, Mary Ann [I0490]
    1849 E1713 Matkin, James [I0523]
    1849 E2373 Bottomley, Samuel [I0226]
    about 1849 E2531 [Robinson], Zillah [I1198]
    1849 E2606 Windsor, Cornelius [I1227]
    about 1849 E2728 Stubberfield, Thomas [I1300]
    1849 E3188 Rodda, Grace Duncraft [I1458]
    1849 E4239 Stable, Moses [I1695]
    about 1849 E4253 Sutcliffe, Mary [I1700]
    calculated about 1849 E4952 Bottomley, Elizabeth [Granddaughter] [I2060]
    1849 E5624 Pitt, Selina [I2419]
    about 1849 E6686 Osman, Susannah [I2775]
    about 1849 E6813 Easther, Harry E [I2893]
    about 1849 E6831 Moore, Frank M [I2912]
    about 1849 E6866 Hughes, Emma [I2948]
    about 1849 E7011 Bradley Jones, George [I3109]
    about 1849 E7238 Hope, Henry [I3301]
    about 1849 E7270 Gray, Martha J [I3323]
    about 1849 E7298 Yates, George [I3339]
    about 1849 E7352 Bragg, John [I3378]
    about 1849 E7764 Priestley, Eliza [I3631]
    estimated about 1849 E8835 Lloyd, Jacqueline Emily [I3534]
    estimated about 1849 E9191 Shore, Thomas [I2645]
    about 1849 E9806 Greenhalgh, Susan [I3860]
    about 1849 E9838 Holmes, Francis [I3874]
    about 1849 E10026 Michie, William [I3968]
    about 1849 E10040 Chilton, John [I3977]
    about 1849 E10130 Collins, Charles [I4023]
    about 1849 E10440 Farnaby, Roger [I4221]
    1850 E1253 Barnes, George [I0091]
    about 1850 E4255 Sutcliffe, John Alan [I1701]
    1850 E4442 Simes, Ashton [I1777]
    1850 E4496 Wells, Martha Robinson [I1798]
    1850 E5187 Neate, Francis [I2192]
    about 1850 E6594 Stephenson, Samuel [I2713]
    about 1850 E6614 Smith, Margret [I2726]
    about 1850 E6651 Stephenson, William [Grandson] [I2750]
    about 1850 E6861 Smith, Mary [I2943]
    about 1850 E6890 Jackson, John [I2973]
    about 1850 E6969 Matthews, Annie [I3052]
    about 1850 E7168 Jackson, Esther [I3249]
    about 1850 E7328 Kirk, William [I3361]
    about 1850 E7357 Green, Thomas [I3382]
    about 1850 E7417 Dempster, Mary Jane [I3410]
    about 1850 E7448 Woodman, Joseph [I3447]
    about 1850 E7850 Froome, Anne M [I3682]
    about 1850 E7872 Hook, Caroline [I3694]
    estimated about 1850 E9523 White, James [I1402]
    1850 E9631 Wiltshire, Oliver [I3743]
    about 1850 E9765 Yates, Ellen [I3828]
    about 1850 E10200 Maslen, William [I4064]
    about 1850 E10282 Lawson, Ann [I4108]
    about 1850 E10339 Bowers, Richardson C [I4149]
    1850-05-22 E0218 Carter, Thomas [I0750] Maslen, Anne [I0929] Carter, Joses [I0935] Mead, Ann Down [I1502]
    1850-11-19 E5186 Neate, Ruth Kate [I2191]
    1851 E0901 Little, Robert [I0476]
    1851 E1196 Mattinson, William [I0730]
    1851 E1469 Heap, Sarah Elizabeth [I0298]
    about 1851 E2387 Smith, Charles [I0645]
    1851 E2539 Bottomley, Sarah [I1199]
    1851 E2607 Windsor, Amelia [I1228]
    1851 E2647 Dawson, David [I1255]
    about 1851 E2729 Stubberfield, John [I1301]
    1851 E2738 McKee, Henry Barnes [I1309]
    1851 E2989 Baker, Thomas [I1374]
    calculated about 1851 E3065 Bartholomew, Elizabeth [I1394]
    about 1851 E3191 Rodda, William H [I1461]
    about 1851 E3271 Carter, William [I1527]
    1851 E4001 Keeble, Charlotte Ann [I1586]
    calculated about 1851 E4217 Jackson, Isaac [I1685]
    about 1851 E4529 Payne, Henry [I1826]
    1851-01-00 E5010 Strong, John [I2096]
    1851 E5427 Humphries, Mary [I2299]
    1851 E5492 Emmerson, Elizabeth [I2338]
    1851 E5629 Soper, Thomas [I2423]
    about 1851 E6595 Stephenson, Eleanor [I2714]
    about 1851 E6928 Jennings, Mary Ann [I3010]
    about 1851 E7042 Dempster, Elizabeth [I3154]
    about 1851 E7220 Gate, Benj [I3286]
    about 1851 E7242 Currie, Joseph [I3305]
    about 1851 E7258 Gray, Robert [I2593]
    about 1851 E7765 Priestley, Fredrick [I3632]
    about 1851 E7798 Bunting, Rhun [I3655]
    about 1851 E9775 Yates, Edward [I3836]
    about 1851 E10027 [Michie], Annie [I3969]
    about 1851 E10068 Barnes, George [I3991]
    about 1851 E10219 Hilton, Martha H [I4074]
    about 1851 E10223 Hargreaves, Frances A [I4078]
    about 1851 E10464 Farnaby, John William [I4236]
    1851-08-23 E10315 Pitt, Cornelius [I4132]
    1851-09-06 E6495 Carter, Sarah Hannah [I2664]
    1852 E0089 [Gilbertson], Sarah [I0828]
    about 1852 E2730 Stubberfield, David [I1306]
    calculated about 1852 E2802 Douglas, Annie [I1317]
    calculated about 1852 E4041 Milham, Louisa [I1605]
    1852 E4479 Simes, Wallace Farrance [I1792]
    calculated about 1852 E4603 Dupont, Louisa [I1848]
    about 1852 E4769 Carter, Emily [I1948]
    1852 E5412 Lewington, Edward [I2288]
    about 1852 E5475 Young, Elizabeth Ann [I2326]
    about 1852 E6430 Dark, Albert [I2641]
    about 1852 E6707 Stow, James [I2786]
    about 1852 E6748 Kendall, Miram [I2842]
    about 1852 E6799 Tilly, Fanny [I2879]
    about 1852 E6889 Cozens, Jayne [I2972]
    about 1852 E6917 Rider, Clara A [I2999]
    about 1852 E7630 Crowter, Catherine Sarah [I3550]
    about 1852 E7783 Curtis, Charles Sydney [I3647]
    about 1852 E7789 Bolans or Bollans, Harriet [I3650]
    about 1852 E7875 Hook, Charity [I3696]
    1852 E9632 Wiltshire, Kate [I3744]
    about 1852 E9699 King, Fanny [I3780]
    about 1852 E9842 Bottomley, John [I3877]
    about 1852 E9881 Aspden, Thomas [I3904]
    about 1852 E10188 Tilley, Joseph [I4053]
    about 1852 E10313 Scaife, William [I4131]
    1853 E0285 Barnes, John [I0115]
    1853 E1197 Mattinson, George [I0731]
    1853 E0843 Little, Joseph [I0457]
    1853 E2649 Dawson, Caleb [I1256]
    1853 E2993 Baker, Laura A [I1376]
    calculated about 1853 E4220 Jackson, Isabella [I1686]
    1853 E4428 Green, Sarah Jane [I1760]
    about 1853 E4719 Crowter, Sarah Ann [I1928]
    1853 E4759 Walker, Eliza Ann [I2023]
    about 1853 E5555 Marlow, Isabella [I2379]
    about 1853 E6606 Smith, Joseph [I2719]
    about 1853 E6735 Carter, Reuben Thomas [I2815]
    about 1853 E6773 Lowe, Sarah Ann [I2851]
    about 1853 E6864 Offer, Emily [I2946]
    about 1853 E6912 Kane, Daniel [I2994]
    about 1853 E6931 Clark, George [I3013]
    about 1853 E7093 Slimmon, David [I3198]
    about 1853 E7221 Gate, Daniel [I3287]
    about 1853 E7569 Filsell, Sarah [I2698]
    estimated about 1853 E8015 Bentley, Walter Thomas [I1555]
    estimated about 1853 E8300 Curley, John [I1113]
    estimated about 1853 E9363 St John, [Unknown] [I1553]
    about 1853 E9777 Yates, James [I3837]
    about 1853 E9797 Marsh, Martha [I3852]
    about 1853 E10044 Wombell, Elizabeth [I3980]
    about 1853 E10220 Hilton, John [I4075]
    about 1853 E10306 Thompson, Jane [I4125]
    1853 E10317 Pitt, Elizabeth [I4133]
    1853-01-04 E0220 Carter, Thomas [I0750] Carter, Philip [I0936] Maslen, Anne [I0929]
    1853-03-30 E2383 Bottomley, Emma [I0972]
    1853-12-22 E5188 Neate, Edward [I2193]
    calculated 1854 E0201 Archer, Sarah [I0916]
    about 1854 E0906 Little, Sarah [I0478]
    1854 E2632 Jarman, Frances A [I1243]
    about 1854 E2731 Stubberfield, Gideon [I1307]
    1854 E2791 Carbert, Mary [I1310]
    1854 E4481 Simes, Fanny Isabel [I1793]
    about 1854 E4847 Eyles, Emma [I1994]
    about 1854 E4854 Bartlett, Sarah [I1998]
    calculated about 1854 E4864 Canning, Harriet [I2005]
    1854 E5679 Prince, Amalia [I2457]
    1854 E6553 Stephenson, Gunson [I2684]
    about 1854 E6802 [Eastward], Annie [I2882]
    about 1854 E6901 Kelloway, John [I2984]
    about 1854 E6925 Blinks, Thomas [I3007]
    about 1854 E7066 Clark, John [I3173]
    about 1854 E7072 Ward, Mary Ann [I3179]
    about 1854 E7631 Crowter, Lucy Mary [I3551]
    about 1854 E7766 Priestley, Thomas [I3633]
    about 1854 E7784 Greenham, Henrietta [I3648]
    about 1854 E7876 Hook, Isaac [I3697]
    about 1854 E7927 Lingard, Clara Ann [I1387]
    about 1854 E9705 King, Anna [I3785]
    about 1854 E9742 Leggell, George [I3810]
    about 1854 E9780 Yates, Betsy E [I3839]
    about 1854 E9787 Yates, Cornelius [I3843]
    about 1854 E10074 Barnes, Henry [I3996]
    about 1854 E10149 Parks, George [I4031]
    about 1854 E10283 Lawson, Sarah [I4109]
    about 1854 E10341 Bowers, Ernest [I4150]
    1854-08-02 E1170 Windsor, Martha Annie [I0695] Windsor, William [I0930] Tarrant, Martha [I0931]
    1855 E0354 Barnes, Rachel [I0155]
    1855 E1199 Mattinson, John [I0732]
    1855 E0202 Archer, John [I0917]
    about 1855 E1737 Garner, James [I1109]
    about 1855 E2885 Dixon, William [I1338]
    about 1855 E2940 Lumb, William Henry [I0502]
    1855 E3240 Green, Henry [I1503]
    1855 E3987 Bloom, Sarah Elizabeth [I1581]
    1855 E4095 Milham, Sidney Francis [I1613]
    calculated about 1855 E4222 Jackson, Jane [I1687]
    calculated about 1855 E4360 Barton, Bridget Ann [I1737]
    1855 E4570 Payne, Ellen [I1827]
    1855 E4789 Gardener, William [I1959]
    1855 E5063 Neate, Alfred [I2117]
    1855 E5170 Beal, Anne [I2187]
    about 1855 E5509 Smith, Jonathan [I2351]
    about 1855 E5692 [Carter], Alice [I2464]
    about 1855 E5808 Prince, Thirza [I2544]
    about 1855 E6607 Smith, Ann [I2720]
    about 1855 E6654 Stephenson, Isaac [I2752]
    1855 E6659 Stephenson, Gunson Gainford [I2764]
    about 1855 E6751 [Gray], Emily [I2829]
    about 1855 E6781 Barnes, William [I2859]
    about 1855 E6788 Little, Joseph [I2866]
    about 1855 E6894 Burfitt, William [I2977]
    about 1855 E6926 Blinks, Matilda [I3008]
    about 1855 E6965 Parkinson, Eliza [I3047]
    about 1855 E7239 Hope, William [I3302]
    about 1855 E7299 Bowskill, Selina [I3340]
    about 1855 E7314 West, Robert [I3351]
    about 1855 E7374 Moore, Fanny [I3389]
    estimated about 1855 E9094 [Placeholder] [I3104]
    1855 E9604 Carter, Charles Gregory [I3723]
    about 1855 E10015 Wombell, William [I3960]
    about 1855 E10039 Chambers, Frances [I3976]
    about 1855 E10210 Hilton, Fanny L [I4069]
    about 1856 E0926 Little, William [I0486]
    about 1856 E0203 Archer, James [I0918]
    1856 E2595 Dawson, Peter [I1218]
    1856 E2803 Douglas, Margaret [I1318]
    1856 E2994 Baker, Amelia J [I1377]
    calculated about 1856 E3159 Angove, George Edward [I1439]
    about 1856 E3327 Phillips, John [I1561]
    about 1856 E3328 [Phillips], Jane A [I1562]
    1856 E4258 Simmons, George [I1702]
    calculated about 1856 E4617 Jenner, Thomas H [I1858]
    about 1856 E4720 Crowter, Harry T [I1929]
    about 1856 E4971 Sutcliffe, Annis [I2070]
    about 1856 E6764 Morrison, Jane [I2843]
    about 1856 E6786 Willis, Annie [I2864]
    about 1856 E6797 Andrews, Jane [I2877]
    about 1856 E6869 Willard, Emily [I2951]
    1856 E6947 Walker, Ada Jessy [I3029]
    about 1856 E7067 Clark, Stephen [I3174]
    1856 E9609 Wiltshire, Anna [I3727]
    about 1856 E9788 Yates, Eli [I3844]
    about 1856 E9919 [Scarrow], Martha D [I3924]
    about 1856 E10428 Farnaby, Mary Ann [I4210]
    about 1856 E10467 Ray, James [I4238]
    1857 E0426 Bell, George Hudson [I0198]
    1857 E0581 Glaister, John Little [I0323]
    1857 E0055 Jackson, Isaac [I0798]
    about 1857 E2609 Windsor, James [I1230]
    1857 E2650 Dawson, Ann [I1257]
    calculated about 1857 E2694 Bloom, Catherine Helen [I0104]
    1857 E2990 Baker, Ada Maria [I1375]
    1857 E3016 Cave, Thomas [I1279]
    about 1857 E3193 [Dunn], Hannah [I1464]
    calculated about 1857 E4224 Jackson, Joseph [I1688]
    1857 E4430 Green, William G [I1761]
    about 1857 E5810 Wilson, Grace [I2546]
    about 1857 E6615 Smith, Mary [I2727]
    about 1857 E6635 Johnston, James [I2737]
    about 1857 E6655 Stephenson, John [I2753]
    about 1857 E6801 Eastward, George [I2881]
    about 1857 E6809 Mousley, Elizabeth [I2889]
    about 1857 E6865 Dear, Mary J [I2947]
    1857 E6948 Walker, John Havelock [I3030]
    about 1857 E6987 Gale, Mary A [I3070]
    about 1857 E7133 [Boyes], Mary [I3224]
    about 1857 E7224 Hoope, William [I3290]
    about 1857 E7240 Hope, Joseph [I3303]
    about 1857 E7250 Bartlett, Tom [I2011]
    about 1857 E7761 Priestley, James [I3629]
    about 1857 E7877 Hook, William Thos [I3698]
    1857 E7906 Tanner, Ralph [I0667]
    1857 E9666 Tarrant, John [I3763]
    about 1857 E9843 Bottomley, Amos [I3878]
    about 1857 E10045 Wombell, Mary [I3981]
    about 1857 E10206 Barnes, Frederick T [I4066]
    about 1857 E10221 Hilton, William H [I4076]
    about 1857 E10235 Perham, Eliza [I4084]
    about 1857 E10284 Lawson, William G [I4110]
    1857-04-09 E2385 Bottomley, Eliza [I0215]
    1858 E1201 Mattinson, Thomas [I0733]
    1858 E0835 Little, John [I0995]
    1858 E0059 Johnston, Francis [I0799]
    1858 E0356 Barnes, Rachel [I0156]
    about 1858 E2610 Windsor, Walter [I1231]
    1858 E2867 Mattinson, Johnston [I0530]
    1858 E3988 Bloom, Betsy Fanny [I1582]
    1858 E4088 Milham, Mary Jane [I1629]
    about 1858 E4194 Jackson, John [Grandson] [I1677]
    about 1858 E4260 Simmons, Charles [I1703]
    1858 E4266 Simmons, Charlotte [I1705]
    1858 E4483 Simes, Clarence Eugene [I1794]
    calculated about 1858 E4618 Jenner, Mary G [I1859]
    calculated about 1858 E4761 Carter, James [Grandson] [I1937]
    calculated about 1858 E4764 Carter, Alfred Thomas [I1946]
    1858 E5064 Neate, Harriet [I2118]
    1858 E5163 Beal, Matthew [I2182]
    1858 E5433 Lewington, Stephen [I2301]
    about 1858 E6656 Stephenson, Samuel [I2754]
    about 1858 E6750 Gray, Isaac [I2828]
    about 1858 E7068 Clark, Thomas [I3175]
    about 1858 E7109 Gate, Tom [I3160]
    about 1858 E7246 Meade, Ann Eliza [I3310]
    about 1858 E7271 Gray, Alberta [I3324]
    about 1858 E7336 Kirk, William [I3366]
    about 1858 E7345 Gainford, Sarah [I3372]
    about 1858 E7375 Moore, Ann [I3392]
    about 1858 E7844 Morris, George [I3676]
    about 1858 E9893 Godley, Charles [I3909]
    about 1858 E10031 Lym, Walter [I3970]
    about 1858 E10150 Collins, Louisa [I4032]
    about 1858 E10211 Hilton, Kate [I4070]
    about 1858 E10468 [Ray], Elizabeth [I4239]
    1858-03-20 E1023 Carter, Thomas [I0750] Maslen, Anne [I0929] Carter, Joses [I0569]
    1858-03-23 E10016 Abbott, Sarah Elizabeth [I3961]
    1858-06-09 E2517 Crowter, Minnie Elizabeth [I1187]
    1858-09-08 E2633 Dawson, Eliza [I1244]
    1858-11-18 E10113 Wrenn, Frederic [I4014]
    about 1859 E0850 Little, Margaret [I0459]
    calculated 1859 E0204 Archer, Martha [I0919]
    1859 E0606 Glaister, Richard [I0335]
    about 1859 E2563 Moore, Janet [I0086]
    1859 E2977 Baker, Henry James [I1365]
    calculated about 1859 E3169 Dunn, John Prince [I1463]
    about 1859 E3296 Windsor, Joseph [I1547]
    calculated about 1859 E4226 Jackson, John [I1689]
    1859 E4432 Green, Samuel [I1762]
    1859 E4485 Simes, Frederick Augustus [I1795]
    1859 E4572 Payne, Fanny [I1828]
    1859 E4786 Wedge, Cecily [I1957]
    1859 E4917 Ward, Robert Sedgwick [I2033]
    1859 E5028 Marsh, Mary Ann [I2102]
    about 1859 E5099 Smith, Eliza [I2136]
    1859 E5190 Pinnels, Henry [I2194]
    about 1859 E5801 Spicer, John William [I2539]
    1859 E6552 Smith, Catherine [I2685]
    about 1859 E6672 Clark, William [I2767]
    about 1859 E6769 Gordon, Sarah [I2846]
    about 1859 E6782 [Barnes], Mary [I2860]
    about 1859 E6988 Gale, Anne L [I3071]
    about 1859 E7099 Tunstall, James [I3203]
    about 1859 E7110 Allen, John [I3211]
    about 1859 E7295 Strong, Sarah [I3337]
    about 1859 E7408 Pattinson, John [I3388]
    about 1859 E7769 Mason, Elizabeth [I3635]
    about 1859 E7832 Bacon, Ann [I3670]
    about 1859 E7885 Bromley, John [I3705]
    1859 E7907 Eyre, Lucy Lawrence Le G. Phipps [I0299]
    estimated about 1859 E8552 Goodship, Andrew [I2654]
    estimated about 1859 E8972 Neate, Louis Alfred [I2195]
    estimated about 1859 E9572 Worsdell, Frank Selwyn [I2657]
    about 1859 E9700 King, Thomas [I3781]
    about 1859 E9778 Yates, Samuel [I3838]
    about 1859 E9784 Magnall, Mary [I3841]
    about 1859 E9789 Yates, Mary J [I3845]
    about 1859 E9832 Priestley, Anne [I3871]
    about 1859 E10189 Tilley, Henery [I4054]
    about 1859 E10319 Daer, Helen Chrichton [I4134]
    1859-10-18 E0340 Barnes, Mary Elizabeth [I0160]
    1860 E0708 [Dixon], Mary Jane [I0401]
    1860 E1230 Barnes, Elizabeth [I0079]
    1860 E2615 Windsor, Frances Elizabeth [I1234]
    1860 E2634 Dawson, James [I1245]
    about 1860 E3041 Martin, Catherine W O [I1384]
    1860 E3068 Bartholomew, William [I1396]
    1860 E3989 Bloom, John Henry [I1583]
    about 1860 E4200 Jackson, William [I1678]
    1860 E4262 Simmons, Thomas [I1704]
    1860 E4487 Simes, Florence Edith [I1796]
    calculated about 1860 E4619 Jenner, Frances [I1860]
    1860 E4810 Neate, Sarah [I1972]
    1860 E5065 Neate, Sarah Jane [I2119]
    1860 E5140 Pinnels, Emma [I2170]
    about 1860 E5800 Spicer, Mary Snoder [I2538]
    about 1860 E6588 Stephenson, Catherine [I2708]
    about 1860 E6669 Patterson, Agnes [I2765]
    about 1860 E6795 Smith, Mary [I2875]
    about 1860 E6848 Collie, Martha [I2930]
    about 1860 E6932 [Clark], Elizabeth A [I3014]
    about 1860 E6982 Roxy Beverly, William [I3065]
    about 1860 E6994 Pearce, Ann [I3077]
    about 1860 E6995 Rawlings, Mary [I3078]
    about 1860 E6998 Emmerson, Susan [I3081]
    about 1860 E7069 Clark, Jane [I3176]
    about 1860 E7070 Clark, Esther [I3177]
    about 1860 E7113 Gate, Hannah [I3214]
    about 1860 E7118 Gate, Jane [I3217]
    about 1860 E7346 Gainford, Joseph [I3373]
    about 1860 E7639 Crowter, John Henry [I3553]
    about 1860 E7878 Hook, John [I3699]
    estimated about 1860 E9080 [Placeholder] [I3093]
    1860 E9633 Wiltshire, Eleazar [I3745]
    1860 E9651 King, Samuel Gregory [I3755]
    about 1860 E9766 Yates, Mary Ann [I3829]
    about 1860 E9801 Yates, Mary E [I3855]
    about 1860 E9844 Bottomley, Sarah E [I3879]
    about 1860 E10126 Errey, Mary Asenath [I4021]
    about 1860 E10242 Lawson, Esther [I4097]
    1860-01-23 E0448 Bottomley, Sidney [I0228]
    1860-03-28 E4762 Carter, Sarah [I1945]
    1860-05-25 E4787 Wedge, Mary Ann [I1958]
    1860-10-05 E0421 Barnes, William Tanner [I0194]
    about 1861 E0812 Little, Betsy [I0969]
    1861 E1203 Mattinson, Benjamin [I0734]
    about 1861 E2057 Simmons, Frederick E [I1176]
    1861 E2829 Archer, Humphrey [I1324]
    calculated about 1861 E4228 Jackson, Sarah Ann [I1690]
    1861 E4268 Simmons, Edward [I1706]
    1861 E4318 Hayward, Louisa Ann [I1723]
    1861 E4613 Cusse, Ada Mary [I1855]
    calculated about 1861 E4918 Hannam, Pattie [I2034]
    1861 E5074 Strong, Sarah Fanny [I2124]
    about 1861 E5811 Wilson, John [I2547]
    about 1861 E6417 Compton, Charles [I2637]
    about 1861 E6657 Stephenson, Barwise [I2755]
    about 1861 E6796 Webster, Annie [I2876]
    about 1861 E6810 Solly, Florence [I2890]
    about 1861 E6877 Wilkinson, Thomas [I2959]
    about 1861 E6927 Blinks, Ellen [I3009]
    1861 E6949 Walker, Howard William [I3031]
    about 1861 E6964 Holt, Mary [I3046]
    about 1861 E6989 Gale, Fanny H [I3072]
    about 1861 E7016 Eyles, Eliza [I3113]
    about 1861 E7272 Gray, John [I3325]
    about 1861 E7311 West, Ruben D [I3350]
    about 1861 E7845 Morris, Elizabeth [I3677]
    before 1861 E9835 Priestley, Ellen [I3866]
    about 1861 E10034 Banks, Sarah [I3972]
    about 1861 E10190 Tilley, Martha Ann [I4055]
    about 1861 E10207 Hilton, Annie [I4067]
    about 1861 E10488 Foy, Thomas [I4251]
    1861-02-22 E5021 Strong, Edward George [I2099]
    1861-04-14 E0274 Barnes, John [I0111]
    1861-05-05 E2377 Priestley, Jane [I0613]
    1862 E0518 Clough, Henry [I0287]
    calculated about 1862 E2978 Carpenter, Annie [I1366]
    1862 E3069 Bartholomew, Thomas Frederic [I1397]
    calculated about 1862 E3099 Edwards, Edward [I1416]
    calculated about 1862 E3100 Griffiths, Hannah [I1417]
    calculated about 1862 E3229 Fernall, Robert [I1495]
    calculated about 1862 E3310 Knight, Mary Ann [I1542]
    1862 E4074 Milham, Ernest William [I1623]
    about 1862 E4075 Weller, Elizabeth Ann [I1624]
    calculated about 1862 E4203 Jackson, John [I1679]
    about 1862 E4381 Connolly, Annie [I1743]
    about 1862 E4574 Payne, Leneazor [I1829]
    about 1862 E4931 Ward, George A [I2043]
    1862 E5076 Strong, Harriet [I2125]
    about 1862 E6589 Stephenson, Thomas [I2709]
    about 1862 E6591 Marsden, Mary [I2711]
    about 1862 E6608 Smith, Elizabeth [I2721]
    about 1862 E6713 Winsor, Alfred [I2792]
    about 1862 E6772 Templeton, Edith M [I2850]
    about 1862 E6895 [Burfitt], Rosa [I2978]
    about 1862 E6906 Paine, Emily [I2989]
    about 1862 E7089 Clark, Mary Ann [I3194]
    about 1862 E7641 Crowter, Edward [I3554]
    about 1862 E7747 Watkin, Eliza [I3049]
    1862 E9636 Wiltshire, Jabez [I3746]
    about 1862 E9744 Bloom, Ann Eliza [I3811]
    about 1862 E9790 Yates, Betsy A [I3846]
    about 1862 E9809 Yates, Alice Ann [I3862]
    about 1862 E9910 Graham, Mary Ann [I3919]
    about 1862 E10230 Maslen, Sarah Ann [I4082]
    1862-07-07 E0991 Mitchell, Emma Elizabeth [I0541]
    1862-07-14 E1093 Simmons, Arthur James [I0637]
    1862-08-14 E5067 Neate, Elizabeth [I2121]
    1862-10-04 E1042 Dawson, Clara [I0575]
    1863 E3079 Benson, John [I0922]
    1863 E3160 Tippett, Mary Elizabeth [I1440]
    1863 E4270 Simmons, James [I1707]
    about 1863 E4721 Crowter, Arthur Wiliiam [I1930]
    calculated about 1863 E4957 Bottomley, Ann [I2063]
    1863 E5413 Watts, Clara Jane [I2289]
    calculated about 1863 E5543 Emmerson, Ralph [I2371]
    about 1863 E5790 Spicer, Anne Alice [I2533]
    1863 E6563 Green, Annette [I2694]
    about 1863 E6664 Stephenson, Septimus [I2761]
    about 1863 E6722 Stogden, Annie [I2801]
    about 1863 E6765 Frazer, Jane [I2844]
    about 1863 E6829 Dean, Elizabeth Anne [I2910]
    about 1863 E6907 Laidlaw, Annie [I2990]
    about 1863 E6920 Wright, William [I3002]
    about 1863 E6966 Chatwin, Harriett [I3048]
    about 1863 E6990 Gale, Edmond H [I3073]
    about 1863 E7090 Clark, Isabella [I3195]
    about 1863 E7347 Gainford, William [I3374]
    about 1863 E7348 Gainford, Samuel [I3375]
    about 1863 E7646 Crowter, James Arthur [I3557]
    1863 E7661 Crowter, Annie Martha [I3565]
    about 1863 E7880 Hook, Henry [I3700]
    estimated about 1863 E8801 Lacey, Robert [I3439]
    estimated about 1863 E9127 Pratt, J W [I0612]
    about 1863 E9606 Baish, Elizabeth [I3725]
    about 1863 E9745 Bloom, James William [I3812]
    about 1863 E10228 Maslen, Charles [I4080]
    about 1863 E10368 Grant, Rose [I4167]
    about 1863 E10382 Grant, Clare [I4175]
    about 1863 E10484 Wombell, Fanny [I4249]
    about 1863 E10489 [Foy], Fanny [I4252]
    about 1863 E10510 Watson, John [I4268]
    1863-01-11 E1051 Barnes, Adelaide Grellier [I0114]
    1863-01-16 E1260 Barnes, Hannah [I0145]
    1863-04-02 E2678 Shaw, Horace Wright [I1264]
    1863-04-27 E5030 Smith, Emily [I2101]
    1863-09-26 E4811 Neate, Thomas [I1973]
    1863-10-04 E4812 Neate, Emily Ellen [I1974]
    1863-10-17 E2679 Taylor, Lucy Alice [I1265]
    1864 E1146 Twentyman, Thomas [I0675]
    1864 E0195 Temple, John [I0910]
    about 1864 E0951 Martin, Janet Gunn [I0508]
    about 1864 E2413 Bentley, James [I0204]
    about 1864 E2818 Temple, Richard [I1311]
    calculated about 1864 E2982 Carpenter, Alice [I1370]
    calculated about 1864 E4019 Keeble, Emma Jane [I1594]
    1864 E4092 Milham, Charles [I1631]
    calculated about 1864 E4205 Jackson, Joseph [I1680]
    1864 E4576 Payne, Charles [I1830]
    calculated about 1864 E4612 Jenner, Robert [I1854]
    about 1864 E4932 Ward, Lucy E [I2044]
    1864 E5361 Neate, Albert [I2245]
    about 1864 E5508 White, Matthew [I2350]
    about 1864 E6736 [Carter], Margaret Mary Rose [I2816]
    about 1864 E6821 Chapman, Amy [I2902]
    about 1864 E6900 Wells, Clara [I2983]
    about 1864 E6941 Soper, Ellen [I3023]
    about 1864 E7190 Walker, Sarah A [I3263]
    about 1864 E7390 McLinden, James [I3404]
    about 1864 E7431 Moor, John [I3432]
    about 1864 E7432 Pattinson, Mary [I3434]
    1864 E7509 Teasdale, Isaac Bennett [I3477]
    estimated about 1864 E8085 Brooks, William [I2008]
    about 1864 E9701 King, Henry [I3782]
    about 1864 E9738 Belton, William F [I3806]
    about 1864 E9808 Yates, Robert [I3861]
    about 1864 E9909 Fell, Thomas [I3918]
    about 1864 E10456 Farnaby, Ann [I4232]
    1864-04-28 E1156 Ward, Ellen [I0680]
    1865 E0323 Barnes, Kate Alice [I0246]
    calculated 1865 E0205 Archer, Margaret Ann [I0920]
    about 1865 E0914 Little, Sarah [I0481]
    1865 E2596 Dawson, Mary [I1221]
    calculated about 1865 E2851 Illingworth, Mary J [I1330]
    calculated about 1865 E3092 Crowter, Frederick [I1149]
    about 1865 E3319 Whybrow, John S [I1556]
    calculated 1865 E4103 Dawson, James [I1635]
    calculated about 1865 E4629 Cusse, Lilian F [I1865]
    1865 E4813 Neate, Herbert [I1975]
    calculated about 1865 E5544 Emmerson, Elizabeth [I2372]
    about 1865 E5644 Russell, William [I2431]
    about 1865 E6436 Gage, Julia Elizabeth [I2643]
    1865 E6665 Stephenson, Thomas [I2762]
    about 1865 E6903 Maynard, Harriett [I2986]
    about 1865 E6940 Bell, Thomas Lyson [I3022]
    about 1865 E7012 [Bradley Jones], Mary Jane Napier [I3110]
    about 1865 E7091 Clark, Willam [I3196]
    about 1865 E7101 Gorley, Peter [I3205]
    about 1865 E7510 [Teasdale], Adaline [I3478]
    about 1865 E7648 Crowter, Herbert [I3558]
    about 1865 E7846 Morris, Frank [I3678]
    estimated about 1865 E7991 [Beaver], Mary [I3533]
    estimated about 1865 E7993 Beaver, Thomas [I3510]
    about 1865 E9702 King, William [I3783]
    about 1865 E9791 Yates, Jesse [I3847]
    about 1865 E10141 Collins, Charles S [I4027]
    about 1865 E10222 Hilton, Lily [I4077]
    about 1865 E10229 Maslen, Joseph [I4081]
    about 1865 E10324 Daer, Catherine C [I4137]
    about 1865 E10491 Foy, Florie [I4254]
    1865-03-29 E0390 Barnes, Sarah [I0175]
    1865-06-02 E5025 Strong, Sydney Robert [I2100]
    1865-08-20 E1783 Malcolm, George John Huntley [I0507]
    about 1866 E0918 Little, Sarah [I0482]
    1866 E1187 Barnes, Caroline Mary [I0072]
    about 1866 E2056 Simmons, Ernest A H [I1175]
    about 1866 E2663 Little, Hannah [Granddaughter] [I1258]
    about 1866 E2875 Bankes-Williams, William [I0360]
    1866 E3070 Bartholomew, Elizabeth [I1398]
    about 1866 E3093 Lort, Emily [I1150]
    1866 E4272 Simmons, Alfred [I1708]
    about 1866 E4348 Smith, Elizabeth [I1734]
    about 1866 E4441 [Ashton], Susan [I1775]
    about 1866 E4722 Crowter, Flora K [I1931]
    calculated about 1866 E4958 Bottomley, John W [I2064]
    calculated about 1866 E5513 Bell, Margaret Jane [I2352]
    1866 E6564 Green, Joseph Maslen [I2695]
    about 1866 E6590 Stephenson, Joseph [I3164]
    about 1866 E6609 Smith, Adlina [I2722]
    about 1866 E6714 Consett, William [I2793]
    about 1866 E6715 Stephenson, Ann [I2794]
    about 1866 E6723 Todhunter, Jane [I2802]
    about 1866 E6800 March, Mary A [I2880]
    about 1866 E6824 Ridgley, Sarah Ann [I2905]
    about 1866 E6853 Steel, Phillis [I2935]
    about 1866 E6939 Sprat, Thomas [I3021]
    about 1866 E6963 Lawrence, George [I3045]
    about 1866 E6975 Smith, Sarah [I3058]
    about 1866 E7194 Carruthers, James [I3266]
    about 1866 E7331 Murray, Janet [I3363]
    about 1866 E7376 Moore, William B [I3393]
    about 1866 E7591 Burge, Ellen Elinde [I3525]
    about 1866 E7650 Crowter, Maud [I3559]
    about 1866 E7847 Morris, Harry [I3679]
    about 1866 E7881 Hook, Elizabeth C A [I3701]
    estimated about 1866 E9054 Perret, Edwin J [I1993]
    estimated about 1866 E9059 Perry, Frank [I2648]
    about 1866 E9739 Belton, Joseph W [I3807]
    about 1866 E9746 Bloom, Fred [I3813]
    about 1866 E10383 Grant, Cathrinne [I4176]
    1866-03-24 E0289 Barnes, John George [I0148]
    1866-03-26 E1522 Carter, Thomas [I0750] Maslen, Anne [I0929] Carter, Earnest William [I0150]
    1866-03-29 E1734 Minter, Alice Hester [I1108]
    1866-07-23 E6354 Daniels, Emily Jane [I2658]
    1867 E0701 Barnes, Frederick [I0040]
    1867 E0097 Temple, Mary Jane [I0841]
    1867 E0079 Gilbertson, William [I0818]
    about 1867 E2395 Bower, James Edward [I0239]
    1867 E2843 Illingworth, Zipporah [I0232]
    calculated about 1867 E2876 Harrison, Ethel Maredydd [I0004]
    about 1867 E3200 Watson, Sarah [I1469]
    calculated about 1867 E3320 Belton, Mary Jane [I1557]
    about 1867 E3331 Whiteley, Sarah [I1565]
    calculated about 1867 E4143 Dawson, George [I1653]
    1867 E4301 Child, Amelia [I1718]
    1867 E4814 Neate, Ruth Kate [I1976]
    1867 E4893 Shore, Sidney Herbert [I2012]
    about 1867 E4928 Ward, Charles W [I2041]
    about 1867 E6641 Fulcher, Margaret Jesse [I2741]
    about 1867 E6730 Streemer, Christiane [I2809]
    about 1867 E6832 Benger, Seth [I2913]
    about 1867 E6882 Lishman, Dorothy Anne [I2964]
    about 1867 E6973 Skammer, Christina [I3056]
    about 1867 E7048 Latimer, Annie [I3159]
    about 1867 E7195 Carruthers, Margaret T [I3267]
    about 1867 E7349 Gainford, Thomas [I3376]
    estimated about 1867 E8042 [Bottomley], [Unknown] [I0404]
    estimated about 1867 E8132 Carruthers, William [I2704]
    estimated about 1867 E8143 Carter, Frank Ross [I0956]
    about 1867 E9792 Yates, Ada [I3848]
    about 1867 E9810 Yates, Ellen [I3863]
    about 1867 E10379 Morris, Jane [I4173]
    1867-04-00 E0343 Barnes, Mary Jane [I0146]
    1867-04-06 E6500 Neate, Elizabeth [I2665]
    1867-05-10 E9982 Morgan, Susannah G [I3949]
    1867-09-06 E1123 Barnes, Annie [I0066]
    calculated 1868 E0081 Cowen, Matilda [I0819]
    1868 E1238 Barnes, George [I0090]
    1868 E0196 Temple, Betsy [I0911]
    1868 E2393 Bottomley, Ann [I0951]
    about 1868 E2931 Wheatley, John [I1351]
    1868 E2947 Clayton, George Henry [I0286]
    1868 E2971 Gamble, Annie [I1361]
    1868 E3071 Bartholomew, Ellen [I1399]
    calculated about 1868 E4207 Jackson, Septimus [I1681]
    about 1868 E4282 Pickett, Mary A A [I1711]
    1868 E5164 Beal, Ada Sarah [I2183]
    1868 E6565 Green, Edwin [I2696]
    about 1868 E6610 Smith, John [I2723]
    about 1868 E6666 Stephenson, Joseph [I2763]
    about 1868 E6684 Fulcher, Norah M [I2742]
    about 1868 E6849 Cox, William T [I2931]
    about 1868 E6880 [Pamely], Hannah [I2962]
    about 1868 E6991 Gale, Gertrude A [I3074]
    about 1868 E7018 Eyles, Elizabeth [I3114]
    about 1868 E7316 Yates, John William [I3352]
    about 1868 E7643 Crowter, Elizabeth Louisa [I3555]
    about 1868 E7652 Crowter, Ellen Mildred [I3560]
    estimated about 1868 E7940 Balderson, Mary G [I1359]
    about 1868 E9703 King, Lydia [I3784]
    about 1868 E9747 Bloom, Matilda [I3814]
    about 1868 E10191 Tilley, Alice [I4056]
    about 1868 E10240 Waite, Laura [I4086]
    about 1868 E10375 Grant, Ada [I4171]
    about 1868 E10511 McMellon, Eleanor Ann [I4269]
    1868-02-29 E2597 Dawson, Luther [I1222]
    1868-03-06 E10262 Woolton, Laura [I4096]
    1868-04-01 E5077 Strong, William [I2126]
    1868-04-23 E0227 Payne, Alice [I0939]
    1868-06-00 E1739 Minter, Elizabeth Ann [I1110]
    1869 E0111 Porteous, Mary Ann C [I0849]
    1869 E0125 Archer, Henry [I0866]
    1869 E1723 Little, Richard F [I1102]
    about 1869 E2416 Cooper, James [I0967]
    1869 E3072 Bartholomew, Charles [I1400]
    about 1869 E3332 Whiteley, Charlotte [I1566]
    about 1869 E3341 Whiteley, Joe [I1573]
    calculated 1869 E4104 Dawson, Alice [I1636]
    1869 E4514 Lynds, Ada [I1803]
    about 1869 E4895 Walker, Edith Amelia [I2025]
    about 1869 E5348 Wheeler, George [I2282]
    about 1869 E5576 [Emmerson], Eleanor J [I2388]
    calculated about 1869 E5765 Bownes, Thomas [I2513]
    estimated about 1869 E9158 Robinson, Florilla May [I0620]
    1869-03-07 E2046 Simmons, Ada Alice [I1164]
    1869-03-22 E0360 Barnes, Richard [I0729]
    1869-06-08 E1741 Minter, Henry Thomas William [I1111]
    1869-06-13 E0394 Barnes, Sarah Ann [I0177]
    1870 E0197 Temple, William [I0912]
    1870 E0069 Jackson, Esther Isabella [I0808]
    1870 E2388 Bottomley, Elizabeth [I0216]
    1870 E2598 Dawson, Frank [I1223]
    1870 E2787 Matkin, Edith Emma [I1294]
    about 1870 E3274 Tagg, Arthur [I1529]
    about 1870 E4275 Pickett, Herbert Stephen [I1165]
    1870 E4308 Stubberfield, Frederick J [I1721]
    1870 E4512 Grant, Edgar Cornelius P [I1802]
    calculated about 1870 E4630 Cusse, Margaret G [I1866]
    about 1870 E4723 Crowter, Ada Fanny [I1932]
    1870 E4815 Neate, Robert John [I1977]
    calculated about 1870 E4912 Foster, Alfred [I2018]
    about 1870 E4913 Mannouch, Fanny [I2020]
    about 1870 E5349 Cox, Eliza [I2283]
    calculated about 1870 E5545 Emmerson, Mary Ann [I2373]
    1870-05-22 E0523 Cullerne, Harriet Gertrude [I0290]
    1870-07-10 E1245 Barnes, George [I0088]
    1871 E0243 Barnes, Isabella [I0542]
    1871 E0070 Jackson, Elizabeth [I0809]
    about 1871 E2058 Simmons, Florence Maud [I1177]
    1871 E2850 Bottomley, Fred [I1329]
    about 1871 E2932 Kidger, Harriett Emily [I1352]
    1871 E3204 Seeley, John William Arthur [I1472]
    1871 E3222 St John, Ada Caroline [I1489]
    1871 E3318 St John, Daisy Margaret [I1554]
    1871 E4006 Bowers, Alice Clara [I1588]
    calculated 1871 E4105 Dawson, Elizabeth [I1637]
    1871 E4604 Waring, Reginald Gainsborough [I1849]
    about 1871 E4933 Ward, Sarah E [I2045]
    calculated about 1871 E5535 Burdon, William [I2367]
    about 1871 E8207 Child, John Hodgson [I1577]
    1871-01-23 E0095 Porteous, Thomas [I0840]
    1871-04-30 E4209 Jackson, Mary Jane [I1682]
    1871-08-04 E1523 Grant, Henry Robert [I0581]
    1871-09-19 E1744 Minter, Adelaide Sobine [I1112]
    1871-12-04 E2970 Beal, George [I1357]
    1872 E0413 [Glaister], Mary [I0078]
    1872 E0198 Temple, Sibson [I0913]
    about 1872 E2693 Yates, William J [I1277]
    about 1872 E3333 Whiteley, Ben [I1567]
    1872 E4008 Bowers, Georgina Elizabeth C [I1589]
    1872 E4600 Waring, Richard Thomas Gainsborough [I1847]
    calculated about 1872 E4964 Bottomley, Ernest [I2075]
    1872 E5165 Beal, Rachel [I2184]
    calculated about 1872 E5547 Emmerson, Dorothy A [I2374]
    calculated about 1872 E5557 Emmerson, Hedley [I2380]
    1872-04-21 E1066 Barnes, Agnes [I0061]
    1872-06-10 E1879 Bartholomew, Mary Mercy [I1130]
    1872-09-02 E5069 Neate, Henry [I2122]
    1872-09-26 E0409 Barnes, William [I0187]
    1873 E1255 Barnes, Georgina Bingham [I0092]
    1873 E1089 Scott, John [I0633]
    1873 E0071 Jackson, Thomas [I0810]
    1873 E4605 Waring, Winnifred Maud Gainsborough [I1850]
    calculated about 1873 E5729 Bownes, Michael [I2490]
    calculated about 1873 E5766 Bownes, Patrick [I2514]
    calculated about 1873 E5767 Bownes, John [I2515]
    1873-07-22 E5015 Strong, Mary Jane [I2097]
    1873-09-02 E0106 Porteous, Robert [I0847]
    1874 E0072 Jackson, Sarah Ann [I0811]
    about 1874 E1225 Barnes, Elizabeth [I0077]
    1874 E2528 Robinson, Harriett Hydes [I1195]
    1874 E3059 Bartholomew, Edward [I1388]
    about 1874 E3208 Pike, Ernest [I1462]
    calculated about 1874 E3209 Hanks, Amelia [I1475]
    1874 E5476 Emmerson, William Henry [I2327]
    about 1874 E5504 White, Mary J [I2347]
    1874-03-29 E1746 Minter, Sarah Ann [I1114]
    1874-04-24 E1181 Barnes, Caroline [I0075]
    1875 E2398 Bottomley, Emily [I0217]
    1875 E2601 Dawson, Owen John [I1224]
    about 1875 E2918 Warren, Albert [I1348]
    about 1875 E2941 Lumb, Fred [I1356]
    about 1875 E3275 Tagg, Harry F [I1530]
    calculated about 1875 E4068 Dawson, Charles H [I1619]
    calculated 1875 E4106 Dawson, Emily [I1638]
    1875 E5083 Cook, Thomas Richard [I2098]
    1875 E5166 Beal, Florence Mary [I2185]
    about 1875 E5730 Neary, Catherine [I2489]
    calculated about 1875 E5768 Bownes, Edward [I2516]
    about 1875 E7449 Beck, William [I3435]
    1875-03-27 E0541 Gate, Ann Elizabeth [I0306]
    1875-04-00 E4704 Waring, Archibald Douglas [I1922]
    1875-07-13 E5625 Soper, Edward Pitt [I2420]
    1875-10-07 E0113 Lightfoot, Annie Hewitson [I0850]
    1875-11-25 E5070 Neate, Walter [I2123]
    1876 E0073 Jackson, Walker [I0812]
    1876 E1752 Butt, Oliver James [I1116]
    1876 E3025 Aspden, Rhoda [I1378]
    about 1876 E3279 Hill, Alice Lily [I1533]
    1876 E3334 Whiteley, Sam [I1568]
    1876 E4004 Bowers, Thomas Grant [I1587]
    calculated about 1876 E4134 Dawson, Emily [I1649]
    1876 E4606 Waring, Ethel Blanche Gainsborough [I1851]
    calculated about 1876 E4965 Bottomley, Hannah E [I2076]
    about 1876 E5469 White, Ann [I2322]
    1876 E5477 Emmerson, Mary Ann [I2328]
    calculated about 1876 E5573 Emmerson, Annie [I2387]
    1876 E5700 Carter, Edward [I2471]
    about 1876 E7043 Stephenson, Thomas [I3155]
    1876-01-18 E1748 Minter, Florinda Maud [I1115]
    1876-02-20 E0377 Barnes, Ruth [I0169]
    1876-03-19 E1496 White, Alice [I0686]
    1877 E2400 Bottomley, Ellen [I0993]
    1877 E2497 Matkin, James [I1101]
    1877 E2542 Bottomley, Joseph Bilton [I1200]
    about 1877 E2938 Lumb, George [I1355]
    1877 E3060 Bartholomew, Ernest Hugh [I1389]
    calculated 1877 E4107 Dawson, Jessie [I1639]
    calculated about 1877 E4903 Branson, Florence [I2028]
    1877 E5167 Beal, John James N [I2186]
    1877 E5478 Emmerson, Frederick [I2329]
    1877 E5620 Griffith, Rosie [I2417]
    calculated about 1877 E5680 Lance, Florence [I2458]
    calculated about 1877 E5688 Lance, Haras W [I2463]
    1877-02-10 E5626 Soper, Thomas Henry [I2421]
    1877-02-25 E1242 Barnes, George [I0109]
    1877-03-19 E0362 Barnes, Richard [I1002]
    1878 E0090 Gilbertson, Hannah [I0829]
    about 1878 E2419 Whiteley, Emma [I0687]
    about 1878 E2433 Lumb, Jane Hannah [I0501]
    about 1878 E2620 Windsor, Eliza Jane [I1236]
    about 1878 E2920 Lobb, Helen [I1349]
    calculated about 1878 E4136 Dawson, Alice [I1650]
    1878 E4597 Waring, Duncan Cyril Gainsborough [I1844]
    about 1878 E4678 Ward, Florence [I2016]
    calculated about 1878 E5527 Burdon, Sarah Ann [I2361]
    about 1878 E5599 Tindall, Elizabeth [I2402]
    1878 E5682 Lance, Charles George [I2460]
    1878 E5694 Carter, Emily Florence [I2466]
    estimated about 1878 E9430 [Unknown], Carmen [I2564]
    1878 E9828 Gardiner, Ruth Ellen [I3868]
    1878-04-14 E10047 Michie, Robert [I3982]
    1878-09-27 E1753 Minter, Amelia Jane [I1118]
    1878-10-09 E0382 Barnes, Ruth [I0170]
    1879 E2496 Matkin, Hannah [I0522]
    1879 E2564 Barnes, Sarah [I1205]
    about 1879 E3276 Tagg, Ernest T [I1531]
    1879 E4108 Dawson, Walter [I1640]
    about 1879 E4898 Ward, Percy [I2026]
    1879 E5139 Neate, Alice [I2171]
    about 1879 E5505 White, Isabella [I2348]
    calculated about 1879 E5548 Emmerson, Amelia [I2375]
    calculated about 1879 E5558 Emmerson, Lily [I2381]
    1879 E5701 Carter, William Alfred [I2472]
    about 1879 E5773 Neary, Mary [I2519]
    1879-01-23 E5619 Soper, Frederick Walter [I2416]
    1879-07-09 E1138 Barnes, Annie [I0110]
    1879-11-10 E9978 , Alice M [I3948]
    1880 E1153 Barnes, Betsy [I0211]
    1880 E0091 Gilbertson, Mary [I0830]
    about 1880 E2621 Windsor, Ernest [I1237]
    1880 E2667 Barnes, John [I1033]
    1880 E2695 Cave, Thomas Arthur [I1280]
    about 1880 E2883 Phillips, Mary [I1337]
    about 1880 E2912 Tagg, Emma Annie [I1345]
    1880 E3061 Bartholomew, Emma Ada [I1390]
    1880 E4053 Milham, Sidney [I1612]
    calculated about 1880 E4070 Dawson, Caleb [I1620]
    1880 E4510 Lynds, Lilian Martha [I1801]
    1880 E4607 Waring, Algernon Wilfred Gainsborough [I1852]
    about 1880 E4857 Stevens, Agnes Elizabeth [I1999]
    1880 E5080 Strong, Elizabeth [I2128]
    1880 E5479 Emmerson, Elizabeth Jane [I2330]
    calculated about 1880 E5594 Dobson, Alice [I2399]
    1880 E5627 Soper, Selina Pitt [I2422]
    1880 E5681 Lance, Ellen [I2459]
    about 1880 E7668 , James [I3571]
    1880-08-01 E5034 Smith, Albert Edward [I2103]
    1880-10-21 E9977 Harrison, Joseph [I3947]
    about 1881 E2622 Windsor, Walter James [I1238]
    about 1881 E3335 Whiteley, Annie [I1569]
    1881 E4065 Dawson, Marion [I1618]
    1881 E4132 Barnes, Ada [I1642]
    calculated about 1881 E4141 Dawson, Mary [I1652]
    1881 E4334 Tapper, Catherine Elizabeth [I1729]
    1881 E5142 Neate, Frank [I2172]
    1881 E5414 Lewington, Arthur [I2290]
    about 1881 E5506 White, John [I2349]
    calculated about 1881 E5536 Burdon, Matthias [I2368]
    calculated about 1881 E5559 Emmerson, George [I2382]
    about 1881 E5774 Neary, James [I2520]
    about 1881 E7489 Hamilton, Agnes [I3469]
    1881-02-04 E1755 Minter, Albert James [I1119]
    1881-02-07 E0676 Hayton, Caroline [I0382]
    1881-04-01 E4137 Dawson, [Infant] [I1651]
    1881-05-13 E2669 Barnes, Betsy [I1260]
    1881-12-05 E0693 Jackson, Clara [I0396]
    about 1882 E0665 Harrison, Isaac [I0707]
    about 1882 E2430 Lumb, Ernest [I0500]
    1882 E2696 Cave, Edith Helen [I1281]
    about 1882 E2915 Tagg, Max Herbert [I0661]
    calculated about 1882 E3311 Bartholomew, Albert C [I1543]
    about 1882 E4010 Grant, Elizabeth [I1590]
    1882 E4371 Simmons, Alfred Claud [I1741]
    about 1882 E4900 Ward, Frank R [I2027]
    1882 E4916 Ward, Florence Annie Sedgwick [I2022]
    1882 E4919 Ward, Eva Lydia Sedgwick [I2035]
    1882 E5153 Lewington, Ellen Elizabeth [I2179]
    1882 E5480 Emmerson, Robert Hedley [I2331]
    calculated about 1882 E5549 Emmerson, John L [I2376]
    1882 E5695 Carter, Alice [I2467]
    1882-05-14 E9986 Chalkley, Alfred Philip [I3950]
    1882-06-21 E5037 Strong, Annie Louisa [I2104]
    1882-07-00 E4713 Waring, Kenneth Murray Gainsborough [I1924]
    1882-09-06 E1758 Minter, Arthur Frederick William [I1120]
    1882-09-29 E0109 Porteous, Walter Dunlop [I0848]
    1883 E0533 Alderson, Margaret Eleanor [I0297]
    1883 E0060 Jackson, William [I0800]
    1883 E2347 Barnes, Henry [I0098]
    1883 E2624 Windsor, Herbert Thierry [I1239]
    about 1883 E3336 Whiteley, Florence [I1570]
    1883 E4079 Milham, Florence [I1625]
    calculated about 1883 E4145 Dawson, Ada [I1654]
    calculated about 1883 E4598 Davies, Ethel Cecilia M [I1845]
    1883 E4828 Neate, Walter Edwin [Grandson] [I1984]
    1883 E5481 Emmerson, Albert [I2332]
    calculated about 1883 E5537 Burdon, Louise [I2369]
    calculated about 1883 E5588 Emmerson, Mary [I2395]
    1883 E5676 Lance, Edward James [I2454]
    1883 E5696 Carter, Walter Henry [I2468]
    1883-05-11 E4503 Lynds, Ivo Archibald G [I1773]
    1883-10-18 E0301 Barnes, Joseph [I0123]
    1883-11-08 E5197 Strong, William James [I2198]
    1883-11-24 E0208 Windsor, Martha Annie [I0695] Carter, Joses [I0569] Carter, Lilian Frances [I0925]
    1883-12-00 E4711 Waring, Mildred Alice Gainsborough [I1923]
    1883-12-10 E1103 Barnes, Alexander Henry [I0126]
    1884 E0565 Glaister, Henry Stamper [I0315]
    about 1884 E2431 Lumb, Wilfred [I0503]
    1884 E2566 Barnes, William [I1206]
    1884 E3007 Williams, Alexandra Rosina Zona [I1379]
    calculated about 1884 E3312 Bartholomew, Mary C [I1544]
    about 1884 E4014 Grant, William George [I1592]
    about 1884 E4152 [Dawson], Annie [I1657]
    1884 E4790 Gardiner, Florence Jane [I1960]
    about 1884 E4894 Ward, Jessie [I2024]
    calculated about 1884 E4908 Braimbridge, May [I2031]
    1884 E5143 Neate, Ernest Alfred [I2173]
    1884 E5415 Lewington, William G [I2291]
    1884 E5482 Emmerson, Margaret Ellen [I2333]
    about 1884 E5522 Miller, Emily Jane [I2358]
    1884-02-26 E5039 Strong, Alice [I2105]
    1884-04-12 E10119 Wrenn, Frances M [I4017]
    1884-07-22 E1760 Minter, Charles Edward [I1121]
    1884-11-24 E7599 Green, Gertrude [I3532]
    1885 E1644 Kennard, Charles Joseph [I1100]
    1885 E2397 Bottomley, Willie [I0231]
    1885 E2625 Windsor, Edith Catherine [I1240]
    about 1885 E2680 Shaw, Richard [I1266]
    1885 E2697 Cave, Florence Elizabeth [I1282]
    about 1885 E3996 Morgan, Willie [I1584]
    1885 E4081 Milham, Charles William [I1626]
    about 1885 E4461 Simes, George [I1784]
    1885 E4920 Ward, Mabel Violet Sedgwick [I2036]
    1885 E5297 Strong, James [I2258]
    1885 E5677