This section of my website has been put together with data from many and various sources.

Much of the original collection and collation was done by Joseph Barnes who spent many, many years of his life working on it. More has come from family, email correspondence and bits and pieces found online.

Thanks to all contributors.

Additional data and information has also been provided by:-

C Martinez
C Yates
D Santry
D Denton
D Schumann
G Strong
H Gillespie
I Barnes
J Carter
J Price
J Carter
J Williams
J Dunmore
J Emmerson
K Carter
M A Webb
N and J Carter
P Dawes
P Ryder
S Rhodes
S Lawson
S Brothwood
T Clark
T Jackson
W Carter

and many others including many family members

I am sure there will be errors and possibly even some misplaced individuals. If you think you have found any, please let me know.
At present I am unable to obtain any additional birth or marriage certificate copies to further verify data.
If you have any information on any of the individuals or relationships listed I would love to hear from you about them.

Data on 'living' individuals, those considered 'living' and those who have died in the last 20 years is deliberately restricted. If you want to know more about anyone please contact me.

Links to sites that have data on some of the individuals listed here...

The Strong Website has data on Adams, Beaven, Burton, Cook, Coombes, Counsell, Hardwell, Harvard, Higgins, Huntley, Mear, Shepherd, Sibley , Smith, Strong and Watts.

Public Dunmore Genealogy contains too many individuals to list.

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